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Everyone has certain objectives they want out of a relationship. We hope to achieve certain things that we come up with or that we've seen others accomplish. So we set goals. And most of us have seen these relationship goals play out, Game Of Thrones style.

1. Cuddles Late In The Game

After having five children, most couples would be forgiven for lacking in affection — but not these two lovebirds! Following a vigorous lovemaking session, Ned and Catelyn Stark are all cuddled up. At their advancing years and perhaps in this day and age, that isn't as likely to happen, so props to them for keeping the spark alive. I definitely have set this as a goal in my future.

2. Doing Activities Together

Ramsay Bolton and Myranda are hunting together. Sure, it's a human they're angling for, but what matters is that they're doing it together as a couple! I'm not very sporty, but the idea here is that you should try to do things that interest both of you, or try something new your significant other likes.

3. Making It Through Squabbles

Everyone experiences lovers' tiffs and there is nothing wrong with that. The important thing is to talk through it, resolve it and just let it go. Here, Gilly is letting Princess Shireen teach her how to read after having an argument with Samwell over her illiteracy. Later on in the series, they obviously get over the squabble and, ahem, rise to the occasion. Let's all hope we can do the same in our relationships.

4. Late-Night Talks

Some of the best conversations happen in the witching hour. Just ask Tommen Baratheon; I'm sure he'll agree. Margaery Tyrell might have had ulterior motives, but she did want to get to know him and vice versa. It's a good example of how getting to know your significant other can start with a nice heart to heart.

5. Going On A Trip Together

Oh, the wonders one can enjoy on a weekend getaway! Of course, you want to share that with the one you love the most. You get to enjoy unforgettable moments, like the view atop The Wall, or the sunset over an ocean. This time together will bring you closer to one another and strengthen your bond. Usually both parties are wanting to go on the trip, unlike Jon Snow, who was forced against his will.

So for all of you in a relationship, take note of the couples in Game Of Thrones. Some of the moments you'll see in the next season could help you reach your relationship goals — while others could have your heart growing as cold as a White Walker's.


Which relationship goal do you have from 'Game Of Thrones'?


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