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First things first: Marvel hasn't announced it yet, but one thing is clear: the story of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is most definitely not over. And I'm not just talking about The Defenders. Before I go any farther, I'm going to warn you right now that there are Major spoilers for Daredevil Season 2 ahead. I definitely don't want to ruin anything for anyone who hasn't yet seen it, so please, if you haven't, turn back now.

Last year, Daredevil's first season ended on a bit of a high note. Things weren't perfect, of course, but Nelson and Murdock had resolved their differences over Matt's identity (to at least acceptable levels, if not quite comfortable), they'd put the Kingpin away, and the law firm was getting a steady stream of clients. Matt, Foggy, and Karen knew things would still be rough, but they were happy.

Season 2, however, concludes on a very different tone. Though the Hand's plans were "stopped" and Nobu was killed (maybe), the last minutes are filled with tension that feels less like a conclusion, and more like the eye of the hurricane.

To start, the deadliest man in New York City is back on the streets. Throughout the season, Daredevil and the Punisher developed a mutual understanding, if not respect, for each other and the methods each uses. Daredevil admits that some men may need to stay down like Castle wants, and the Punisher's assistance at the end shows he respects "Red" and knows they're on the same side. So, while they may not be gunning and billy clubbing for each other anymore, it's very clear that Frank Castle's work is not done yet. Based on the numbers presented in the trial and after the boat bombing, he's already killed a minimum of sixty people, probably more, with many, many more to come. He's cut all ties to his past life, and he's got nothing left to lose. Hell's Kitchen is still his warzone.

Of course, that may not totally be a bad thing. Like its former leader, Nobu, the Hand has a way of coming back after they're destroyed. This time, however, they've got their ultimate weapon-the Black Sky, aka Elektra Natchios, right in the palm of their... well... hand. As she stated herself, the Hand will do terrible things in her name. If her comic path is anything to be considered, she'll take the lead on this.

The stab wound through Matt's crazy college ex isn't the only thing in need of reparation. As of now, the law firm of Nelson & Murdock, as well as the friendship that formed it, is broken. Foggy no longer trusts Matt as either the man or the mask, and he's already got a job offer on the table (literally). It's easy to say they'll work it out, but this isn't a split that will be solved by the opening of the third season.

And speaking of splits, the biggest question for Matt Murdock right now is whether or not he'll retain his best connection to humanity: Karen Page. Matt just dropped the biggest bomb in Hell's Kitchen on her. On the up side, he's finally told her the truth about his secret identity. This should lead to a full, open conversation, but whether that pushes her away or brings her back is another matter.

If you're a fan of Daredevil comics, however, this conversation isn't just a new chapter in Matt and Karen's relationship. It's one more piece in place, one more piece in a puzzle that really isn't very pretty. It brings me to the most important line for predicting Season 3: "Bring me everything we have on Matt Murdock."

Wilson Fisk is a smart man. He's observant, and picks up on mannerisms and details that give him an inherent manipulative advantage over his opponents. When Matt Murdock visited him in prison, he knew there was more to the blind lawyer than meets the eye. Fisk vowed revenge for Matt's actions, and Season 1 taught us that Fisk is not a man who makes threats-he makes promises. Now, more than ever, Matt is vulnerable, and he may have just handed away his identity to the one person who can't keep it. As every avid Daredevil fan knows, Karen Page is the woman who breaks down and gives Matt's secret identity away to a Mexican dealer for a hit of heroine. The information makes its way up the criminal ladder to the man on top of it all, starting a chain of events known as the greatest Daredevil storyline and one of the best superhero runs ever: Frank Miller's Born Again. While we may not see that exact set of circumstances, it's safe to say it's going to get worse before it gets better. Much, much worse.


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