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Are you ready to upgrade your Playstation 4 sooner than you thought? It seems that Sony is already developing a system to replace the Playstation 4 or actually just exist alongside it. It's being dubbed the PS4.5 according to a report from Kotaku and is said to have stronger graphics than its predecessor.

The report suggests that the system would allow for games to be played at 4K (3840–2160) which is becoming a niche of sorts lately. If you're one of the people saying you don't need the 4K, then you also have to remember Sony's VR plans. If Sony stands any chance competing with HTC and Oculus, an increase in graphical horsepower is a must.

It's hard to say at this point if any of this is true as it is yet to be confirmed by Sony itself. This is something that is very scary to many PS4 owners, and rightfully so. We have seen this be done with consoles such as the 3DS, which in 2014 got an upgraded version in the form of the New Nintendo 3DS. This hardware had exclusive titles for it that didn't work at all with the previous console. I'm sure all PS4 owners have to be wondering if Sony will follow this example.

It's not confirmed if that will be the case with the PS4.5, if it does indeed exist. It could just be upgraded hardware that will allow for much richer and more intense graphics. The question is, would consumers flock to it and dish out another $400 if that's all it brings to the table? Will Sony follow in Nintendo's footsteps and have its new console play exclusive titles that are useless to the PS4? Only time can tell and we will most likely have to wait until later this year at E3 for any news!


What do you think about a PS4.5?


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