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We all know about the legendary Batman. His crest is even more iconic and recognizable than that of Superman or any other superhero as yet created. And, with yet another film being released under the name Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, you may think that even the least eager of fans know all there is to know about this vigilante. However, below I have compiled 10 facts you may or may not know about the Dark Knight.

1. Batman was inspired by Da Vinci

That's right, Batman's suit was inspired right out of the renaissance, using one of Leonardo Da Vinci's most famous creations: his flying machine. However, Da Vinci wasn't Batman's sole inspiration, the rich alter ego of Bruce Wayne was inspired by The Legend of Zorro and these are only a few of many other inspirations to create the character.

2) Batman and Wolverine had a crossover

On one of those rare occasions when Marvel and DC create a crossover, they decided to create Dark Claw, a rather menacing looking hybrid of Wolverine and Batman - two heroes you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Can you imagine meeting Dark Claw in their place?

3) Batman had a secret creator

Even the story behind the creation of Batman is quite interesting. For some time it was believed that Bob Kane was the sole creator of Batman, however, 40 years later it was acknowledged that a second man was involved in his creation, Bill Finger. It was thanks to this secret creator, after all, that Batman's greatest nemesis, Joker, was introduced to Gotham.

4) He's the Justice League's safeguard

Not surprising, Batman knows every single weakness of every single Justice League member, however, he doesn't just use these facts to brag. He uses the weaknesses he knows about as a form of contingency plan just in case any of his fellow League members ever go rogue. If such a devastating thing were ever to happen Batman would have both the means and the know-how not only to protect Gotham, but the entire world from this superhuman threat.

5) The Dark Knight isn't always so dark

So we all know Batman to be the brooding type of protector but he does have a sort of soft side to him as well. One such compassionate moment in Batman's life is when he accepts poor Richard Greyson under this wing after his parent's untimely death. Another was when he refused to kill the young villain, Ace, and insisted on staying with her until she drew her last breath. If that isn't compassion, I don't know what is.

6) His identity isn't so secret

This seems to be the biggest problem with most superheroes and Batman isn't any exception. With a large number of heroes, villains and civilians knowing his secret identity (these including Wally West, Riddler and Alfred Pennyworth) it isn't much a secret anymore, is it?

7) He has the largest number of villains

Batman wouldn't be much a superhero if he didn't have super villains and, admittedly, the poor Bats has quite a number of those. In fact, from the DC universe (and I would dare say from any comic universe) he has the largest number of villains to deal with.

8) But he has quite an arsenal of sidekicks too

Although Batman might have quite a number of foes, he has quite a number of sidekicks too. And, unlike some other sidekicks, they are actually quite useful. Each one with their own unique skills and individually trained by the Dark Knight himself. I wouldn't want to cause havoc in Gotham while a Bat family dinner is going on.

9) His parents are alive... sort of

You may or may not know that a while back, the Flash sort of broke the universe and caused a parallel world to form, and let's just say this world was a bit messed up. It seems that in this world, Bruce Wayne's parent's are still alive, however it was young Bruce that was the sole victim of the mugging that tragic night. Devastated by the loss of his son, Thomas Wayne took up the mantle of Batman in an attempt to avenge his son while Martha Wayne, having gone insane after loosing her only child, became the Joker of this Flashpoint universe.

10) He's a god

In one of the latest issues of Justice League, following a series of complicated events, Batman was given an unimaginable amount of power and was transformed into an all-knowing new God. However, this power tried to overpower and corrupt Bruce but, having a stronger mantle strength than most, he did not allow this god-like power to take control and earned himself a new arsenal of awesome powers - accompanied by a cool new suit too!

So there you have it! 10 things you may or may not have known about everyone's favourite bat themed hero. Even after all these years Batman never fails to surprise the audience with his awesomeness.


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