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After the last trailer for Captain America: Civil War, I found myself finally understanding Tony Stark. I might have written an article that some people could perceive as dissing him, but I just didn't understand why the trailer painted him as the bad guy in Civil War. I've read many interviews that stated they're trying to differentiate the movie from the comics by having Cap and Stark both be sympathetic characters.

This article does not mean that you have to root for both Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, but I just wanted to illustrate why Cap and Tony are some of the most complex characters in cinema today.

Yes, I know that's the lovable Paul Rudd!
Yes, I know that's the lovable Paul Rudd!

I started writing on this website four months ago to blog about things like this. I was not the biggest fan of Steve Rogers until Marvel's The Avengers. Then The Winter Soldier came out and he's now my second favorite Marvel hero behind Spider-Man. You can imagine my thrill February of 2015 when Marvel announced Spidey will be joining the MCU!

Let's take a look at what makes Captain America & Iron Man's relationship one of the best examples of nuanced characters in the Superhero Industry!

1. He hates bullies (Team Cap)

When Abraham Erskine asked Cap if he wanted to kill Nazis; Cap replied brilliantly that he hated bullies. That was awesome and also when he was fighting that douche from the movie theater. That guy was picking on him for no good reason and he said he could this all day while getting his behind beat, like a badass! We've all seen the new trailer and he says the same thing to Iron Man. Now, I don't think Stark is a bully, but he's portrayed that way solely from the trailer. I wonder if they did this to let us know that Cap is still the same person from the first movie?

2. He's loyal (Team Cap)

I understand where people are coming from when they call Bucky a mass-murdering tool of Hydra. Why should Steve try to protect him from the wrath of every Government Agency in the world? Steve feels responsible for a lot of what happened to Bucky after the war; and James was always there for Steve, no matter what. There's a bond between brothers that people have a hard time understanding. It's illogical, but at the same time it makes sense. We've all seen the Rom-Com when love triumphs over everything else. This is how I view Steve and Bucky's relationship; this is what is so awesome about Marvel's movies, the complexities of interpersonal relationships. The same could also be said about Iron Man and War Machine, but this a Captain America movie, so we'll focus on him.

3. He's a good man, not a good soldier (Team Iron Man)

Another thing Abraham Erskine said to Steve before he transformed into Captain America was to stay a good man. When Tony said that everything special about Steve came out of a bottle; this peeved me off. See what Steve said about Tony at the time was true. We didn't see Tony become someone different until the end of The Avengers when he sacrificed himself into the wormhole. We gradually see Tony evolve into a better person each film. Take Age of Ultron for example: I empathize with Tony about creating Ultron. He's the only one that realized the real threat is Thanos and at least he was trying to do something about it.

Some people could argue that Tony changed quite a bit in his short tenure in the MCU and Steve is still the same stubborn person he has always been. This is why he could only budge Thor's Hammer and not pick it up. I honestly believe this is another (obviously) main conflict in Civil War. Tony wants people to follow the Government to take liability away from The Avengers. Since Steve is such a good person and does not believe in this; because he doesn't need someone to tell him when to help people out. This is fascinating conflict to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

4. Tony techs-people-up! (Team Stark)

How can you dislike Spider-Man's new suit? This is his first introduction to Marvel's MCU and that means his suits are only going to get better! Tony understands that as villains evolve, so must the The Avengers. This makes Tony an awesome teammate. I'm not quite sure if it would make him an awesome leader, but he did almost sacrificed himself again at the end of Age of Ultron. This list is about why you should root for both of them and this most definitely constitutes a great reason!

5. The Fallout (Team No One)

There's going to be no winners at the end of this movie. Just from the trailer, Tony's conversation with Black Widow makes you wonder if this is how the MCU is going to be until Infinity War? Now, I have no clue when this conversation took place, but Tony has a sling on his arm, which usually indicates the aftermath of a battle. If any of the Avengers perish in this movie, then the repercussions are going to be insane.

In the first trailer, there was a scene between Bucky and Iron Man. They were fighting and Bucky was attempting to rip out Tony's Arc-Reactor. One can't help to read James' lips and he looked to be saying 'Cap's Dead'. If this turns out to be the case, then I need to remember to bring tissues to this movie.


6. They're both in the right (Team Cap & Stark)

What is the point protecting the people, if they truly hate you. You can see from the trailer that there's going to be another huge incident involving The Avengers. Public opinion is going to swayed to the side of them doing more harm than good. This is why Tony believes it would be in the best interest of the group to join the Government. Also, Bucky killed his parents and countless others. Even though he was brainwashed by Hydra, he should still pay for those actions. It's hard to argue with Tony after Bucky almost shot him point-blank in the face. We're dealing with human emotions and I would be a tad upset after this.

Steve witnessed first-hand at what takes place when the Government takes over their citizens. He fought during World War II, and it makes sense why he would be hesitant to be under the control of any government. Especially after the collapse of Shield during the events of The Winter Soldier. Plus, his best friend is being hunted by the same people that he's been fighting practically his whole life. I wonder if he's going to try to appeal to Tony's common sense and say 'Bucky didn't kill your parents, but Hydra did.' This is going to be extremely interesting!

7. I can't decide a side, so Team Spidey!

As a fan of both Marvel and DC, I only want the best for their franchises. I was definitely on Team Cap before I took a hard look at what each character's motivations are for the upcoming movie. I am not saying that you're wrong for choosing a side, that's the point of the movie, but now I can see how both of these characters are sympathetic; and not just think Tony's a dick. OK, maybe I'm still a little more partial to Captain America, but maybe that won't be the case come May 6th!


Captain America: Civil War hit theaters on May 6th in the United States!

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