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The release of Daredevil Season 2 has fans seriously excited - Marvel's Netflix series add real depth and tone to the ! Although the series don't tie in directly to the films - yet again we have some subtle nods. In this case, there's a curious thematic tie to [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)...


The theme of Captain America: Civil War

As the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War showed, in many ways that film's about consequences. Ever since Iron Man revealed his secret identity to the world, superheroes have been involved in countless disasters - from New York to Sokovia - and often they haven't done a particularly good job. As a result of superhero actions, the world's governments have introduced the Sokovia Accords and demanded a system of accountability be introduced.

A subtle theme of Daredevil Season 2

In exactly the same vein, there's a theme of consequences running through Daredevil Season 2 as well. Six months have passed since Season 1, and Daredevil's triumph over the Kingpin; in those six months, Daredevil's inspired a wave of vigilantism. The cops have taken to calling them 'Devil Worshippers' - ordinary men and women who, inspired by Daredevil's heroism, take to the streets against crime. You can bet most of them haven't lived long, while others have just wound up under arrest.

The adds a new dimension to this. Is Daredevil inspiring the Punisher's brutal execution-style vigilantism? If so, is it possible that Daredevil is doing more harm than good?

How does this all tie together?

kicks off Phase Three in style, and establishes that theme of consequences as foundational to every Marvel movie we'll see between now and 2020. So, in producing Daredevil Season 2, Marvel Entertainment have chosen to tie in to the same theme - but in a very different way.

For the Avengers, they have to deal with political oversight put in place because of their actions. For the Man Without Fear, he has to deal with the men and women he's unwittingly inspired to follow his lead - whether they're the kind of people he wants to do so, or not... There's even a subtle hint that the 'consequences' theme may be becoming an issue for another Netflix hero, Jessica Jones, too!

It's a subtle thematic nod, but a clever one all the same.

If you spot any other ties between Daredevil Season 2 and Captain America: Civil War, let me know below the line!


Do you think the other Netflix series will tie in to the theme of consequences as well?


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