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For as long as I've been reading comic books, the X-Men have always been my favorite. The first two X-Men films in 2000 and 2003 were instantly hits for me. Then somewhere along the line, somebody got the bright idea to have Brett Ratner take over. What he gave to us is known as X-3, or X-Men : The Last Stand. This very well could have been their last stand, were it not for Matthew Vaughn breathing new life into the franchise, with X-Men: First Class. Stay with me, this is going somewhere. After the success of First Class, Bryan Singer came back to direct the sequel, Days of Future Past which was all on it's own, amazing. Quicksilver obviously being such a huge fan favorite. Now, we've got Singer's [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) to look forward to, and this film just might be the best X-Men movie made yet.

Here's the fun part! If you don't want any potential spoilers, this isn't the article for you.

Okay first things first, we open up with Magneto's voice over, doing his mysterious and damaged thing. Within the next few seconds we see the big baddie himself, Charles Xavier, and Mystique, who is probably somewhere near the school. Considering the first shot of the school (notice the trees?) and the background of where Mystique is. Okay so trees aren't enough evidence to support that but it's a guess. Immediately after, we get a quick glimpse of some of the young X-Men, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and Jean Gray. From Professor X's reply to Magneto's earlier mysticism and genuine evilness, it seems like he's really serious about building his school up. He's got his head in the game, which is great considering his legs checked out again. (hah! It's three movies in, it's not too soon). Okay now things get serious, we see a beautiful shot of a huge pyramid as we hear a voice speak about the origins of Apocalypse. Unlike the first trailers though, we actually see Oscar Isaac in human form, BEFORE he's turned into Apocalypse! From here we can assume that Mr. Sinister has little to nothing to do with the creation of Apocalypse, at least not in this cinematic universe, but the effects are still cool. It looks like some type of ancient magic or *cough*celestial technology*cough* is heavily involved, as when the golden platform lowers, we have our blue skinned master of destruction. From there, we get too see Apocalypse in action, touching Storm's chin, and speaking his required bad guy monologue. If you're quick enough you'll catch Hank and Charles entering Cerebro just before some more clips that sort of seem like they're just there to fill in space. We get to see Apocalypse's face though, and Magneto in what seems to be a factory. He looks really scruffy and dirty, maybe he's been on the run? But this is where we see Apocalypse's power. He drops an entire room of guys just by standing there! After handing Magneto his new helmet (which clearly comes later in the film, considering the sky is gray and not covered by factory ceiling, and Magneto's clothes changed.) We get to see Psylocke and Angel (or Archangel), whichever they choose to use, and Storm's amazing entrance. Quick recap, those are his Horsemen. Storm, Angel, Magneto, and Psylocke. Man what a lineup, the young X-Men are going to have their work cut out for them in this one!

After hearing more of Oscar Issac delivering lines like it's nobody's business, we see some real destruction. People panicking in the streets as vehicles are seemingly disintegrated and dragged away. After Magneto basically pledging his allegiance to Apocalypse, we see Quicksilver and Beast (also appears to be near the school. You can see Mystique in the background, looks a lot like the first time we saw her in the trailer.) Also there seems to be a good number of new X-Men, or at least students. After some more cuts of destruction, and the glimmer of hope from Beast, we see a super fast cut of the X-Jet! It looks beautiful, as usual. Then the moment we've all been waiting for. Quicksilver confirms that he's joining the X-Men! We see more destruction, more quick cuts of some of the team, then bam! Right under our noses they try to slip a shot of the Quicksilver scene. You know, when he runs and everything in the world moves in slow-mo? Well this time he's running across an exploding floor, maybe it's the school, maybe it's not. (Sure looks like it though, big window in the back, stairs against the wall. Remember in Days of Future Past when Wolverine came looking for Charles?) We get some super cool cuts of some action, Nightcrawler vs Angel, Psylocke flip kicks Beast, and for a second, William Stryker? It appears that he's walking from a helicopter or something, but it could just be Mystique disguised as him. But if Wolverine isn't in this movie, why would Stryker need to show up?

Now as we near the end, I have to say, I wasn't too happy about not being surprised enough. However, all of my expectations were thrown out the window when we see Professor X inside Cerebro with Beast, (what appears to be Mystique and another woman), and HAVOK. He's back!? Maybe he didn't die? Maybe this is some weird dream, or some type of power Charles developed along the way? Who knows! The trailer sadly ends with some things we've already seen, such as Mystique being choked by Apocalypse, and just general destruction. I did notice that Cyclops got some good screen time in the trailer, maybe they're on track to making him the leader of the X-Men like he should have been in the first few films! You know, an actual strong leader and not some jealous punk that goes quip for quip with Wolverine over Jean. Maybe that's just my opinion, I still loved the movies anyway.


What are you most excited about after seeing this trailer?


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