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With "Batman v/s Superman: Dawn of Justice" just dawning over us, we are all excited to see what Zack Snyder has in store for us. After seeing Nolan's interpretation of the Dark Knight, we are hoping Snyder does justice to our beloved character. But what about Bruce Wayne himself? He seems fine, with his lavish lifestyle and expenses, just to contrast the Caped Crusader. But does he need help, after all that he has been through? Well, according to the new Bruce Wayne, Ben Afleck definitely thinks Bruce Wayne needs to lie down on the therapist's couch and get the help he needs.

During his new interview with ScreenSlam, when suggested that Bruce Wayne could have gone to some counselling sessions to ease the traumatic death of his parents, Ben Afleck heartfully agreed.

"I think he should be in therapy four days a week," Affleck laughed. "Bruce Wayne needs therapy like a fish needs water. But then we wouldn't have any movies becuase he'd be very well-adjusted....Keep him out of therapy for another few movies."



Do you think Bruce Wayne need therapy?


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