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We're less than a week away from the blockbuster extravaganza, Batman v Superman! Expect to get bombarded with more articles than Batman has gadgets. This one is no different, except this one is all praise for Clark Kent!

I fell head-over-heels for Clark Kent when I binge-watched Smallville back in 2010. I always thought he was too powerful, or he was super-boring. But watching him become the Man of Steel help put things in perspective. He's a god who chooses to watch over humanity instead of ruling it. I actually liked Man of Steel, not because I thought it was a great movie, but the potential that it offered the fans in future movies. I thought the action was spectacular in the movie. I thought Henry Cavill portrayed Kal-El in a manner that was different from the previous versions and still respected the legacy. Let's check out why we should dig The Big Blue Boy Scout:

1. He Had to Kill Zod

I'm going to tackle one of the most controversial things about 2013's Man of Steel first. Superman destroyed Metropolis while fighting Zod after Clark sent Zod's crew to the Phantom Zone. Superman snapped Zod's neck to save some civillians. This was unavoidable and the DCEU had nowhere to lock Zod up at this current time. I honestly have no clue how else this particular scene could have ended.

What enraged me the most during this movie -- when Clark started up the Genesis Chamber, it sent a beacon to Zod and that's the reason he decided to invade Earth. Superman was the sole cause of the destruction of Metropolis and I wished the writers would have came up with something different. Now, this will influence all future decisions Kal will make in the upcoming DCEU. I'm not necessarily a fan of this decision, but I understand where they're going with it. He faced an impossible decision and did what he had to, making him a hero we all (should) can relate to.

2. He's a Great Role Model

I know my last point was that he had to kill Zod, but every parent should want their kids to aspire to be like Clark Kent. I love dark and gritty superhero entertainment, and I wish almost every movie was like Daredevil on Netflix. Superman is not fighting to avenge his parents' death, or because he let his Uncle die, he's fighting because he believe it's the right thing to do (Batman and Spider-Man are my two favorite heroes by the way).

Superman doesn't owe us anything and yet he fights for every single one of us. He fights for the xenophobes who would rather see him leave this planet. He's a Kansas farm boy who's just trying to make the world a better place. I hope this upcoming movie showcases why Superman is something we all should hope to be like one day. I hope the movie takes cues from the way Smallville did this on television!

3. He Could Rule The Planet

I never fully understood the extent of Clark's predicament until I watched Smallville. Batman is a genius, one who studies his opponents and then attacks. But what would he do if he had the powers of Superman? I don't know, would he still be the same guy that everyone looks up to, or would he become something far more sinister.

There's a weight on Clark's shoulders that no mortal could ever fully comprehend. He could dictate policies, stop any wars from happening, trample economies, and much more. Yet he doesn't, he's there to protect people from events that regular people would normally die from. The way they made him the cause of the Battle of Metropolis in Man of Steel bugs me to no end. When he took care of the Kryptonians by crashing his space ship into them, he should have known Zod was going to be on a war path with the world afterwards. And he should have killed Zod right there, but this is Superman we're talking about. I can't say that I understand the guilt he must be feeling from not being able to save everyone, but I think we all can sorta relate.

4. CBS' Supergirl Finally Answered Superman's Biggest Complaint

How do people not know Clark Kent is Superman? Supergirl is at times a very poorly written show, that can almost reach greatness. It's not quite sure what steps to take to climb the wall to better television. That statement rings true for the first half of the season and not for the start of the other half; Supergirl is now one of my favorite shows on television.

You need to watch Martian Manhunter's story about losing his family, it's absolutely amazing. Last week's story of when Kara went bad, was one of the most emotional episodes I've ever seen on television. Melissa Benoist almost made me cry with her apology to Alex for what she said earlier in the episode. Did I just go on a rant?

No matter, CBS' Supergirl explained why no one thought the nerdy Kara Danvers was Superman's cousin, even with her standing next to a picture of Supergirl. The show cleverly explained that people have a hard time believing they're in the presence of greatness. Imagine you're walking down the street and you see Robert Downey Jr. What is your first reaction? Is that him, no, it can't be Iron Man? By the time you realized that it probably was him, he's long gone from your general vicinity. This makes me love Superman even more, because now I think it's plausible that his glasses actually make somewhat of a difference protecting his secret identity.

5. He's a Dork

Now, I know the DCEU probably won't go down this route, but they really should. I understand that Henry Cavill's Superman was only super for about a week in his debut movie. And from the looks of the promotional material for BvS -- it looks like we're getting a very serious Clark Kent again. Christopher Reeve emphasized how much of a dork Clark Kent truly was! It helps to add layers to Superman's like-ability.

I loved how Tom and Melissa portrayed their characters as vulnerable people when interacting with us common folk. If you really think about it, maybe that's who they really were at first, before saving millions of people and developing a much-earned complex. I just want Snyder to illustrate the difference between Bruce's secret identity and Clark's sweet farm boy routine. I think this would help people find Kal much more deserving of our love.


Superman is far from everyone's favorite hero and I understand the many misconceptions that people have for my third-favorite alien in comics. And the fan reviews are pouring in now, and they're extremely positive (so was Fantastic Four's) for Batman v Superman.

Superman is amazing because he can never be dark and gritty like Batman. He must constantly struggle to maintain his composure for fear of unleashing his true power and decimating wherever he's at. This makes him fascinating to watch and I can't wait to see what he does in the first Justice League movie. I really hope that this upcoming movie shows Superman in a light that makes people go 'I think I kinda like Supes!'

I doubt it. How excited are you for Batman v Superman?


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