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Well season 2 of Daredevil has arrived and on the whole it was another great season. I'd worried how they would introduce both the Punisher and Elektra but both fitted in well with the story, theme and Daredevil's increasingly complicated life. Looking at each character and the arc's they were involved with we get a great insight into them and the world they inhabit. Some great fights scenes as expected, especially ep 3 with Daredevil fighting his was down a stairwell.

That said there are lots of questions remaining unanswered and on the whole I thought the series finale was a bit of an anti-climax. A lot of questions surrounding The Hand and their plans were not answered or explored fully leaving lots of loose ends and no sense of closure.


Like: Matt Murdoch's journey this season was quite interesting, I like how the pull and push between his normal life as a lawyer and his vigilante life plays out, reminds me much of how Spider-man continually grapples with the two sides of his life. The interplay between the Punisher and Daredevil is also great, really teasing out what it means to be a vigilante and what are the consequences.

Didn't Like: Matt Murdoch seems to have gone to the Oliver Queen school of romance, his flip flopping between Elektra and Karen was slightly annoying especially as it didn't feel like there was a good reason to. This is one of the things I hated most about Arrow and though only minor in the story, still didn't like it.

Matt Murdoch also doesn't like to kill.... well he's not the softest, kindest guy around and from memory in Season 1 he needed to talk himself out of killing bad people. I hope he doesn't attend the Arrow school of how not to kill people (we know how that turned out from season 3 on).

Foggy & Karen

Like: Foggy's impact this season was much more telling, he became the embodiment of Matt's responsibilities as a lawyer and a friend, and really showed how his actions as a vigilante affected the rest of his life.

Karen Page's evolution is another good point, she's really becoming her own character and becoming important to the series as an investigator which I didn't expect considering the introduction of some big hitters. A little disappointed that the murder she committed wasn't explored much.


Like: Jon Bernthal did a really good job as the Punisher, from his terminator like exterminations to the touching story about his family, he really hit the mark. I loved the courtroom part of this arc mostly because we got to see more Nelson and Murdoch in action (Mostly Nelson though).

Dislike: The Blacksmith saga didn't really make sense (perhaps I have to rewatch), his old sergeant was running a heroin ring in NY and coincidentally Frank was at park and his family got killed? Or was it a set up to eliminate Frank?

Also the Punisher's involvement in the final battle was minimal, as was the entire final battle, just when you think you're going to get the Punisher in full flight he only snipes two ninjas. This is especially disappointing as the header video on Netflix showed Punisher with a chain gun taking out ninjas, was hanging out for that :-(

Elektra & The Hand

Like: Elektra was a great character, loved her slightly unhinged personality and the links with Stick, The Chaste etc. The Hand as the main villain (and Nobu's return) were also good though could have been more central more quickly and perhaps their menace could have been better demonstrated. I did actually like her final moments, didn't see that coming but then again no one ever dies in comics :-)

Dislike: The main problem I had with the series was it felt very unfinished and lots of things that were alluded to where never fully explained such as: What is black sky? Where does this immortal power come from? What's the deal with the blood and the kids they were pulling it from? What's the deal with the zombie warriors who've already had an autopsy? What was the purpose of the big hole in the middle of new york? Where was this giant army of hand ninjas in the final battle?

Wilson Fisk

Like: Loved Fisk being in the series again and I think it really worked, showed what had happened to him and that he's not totally out of the game yet. Setting the punisher loose to take out the competition.... King Pin has still got it.


Another good series with great characters, action and themes, it started a little slowly, got going in the middle but finished in a little bit of a fizzer with too many loose ends and an underwhelming final battle.


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