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No Man's Sky is one of the most anticipated games of 2016. With spaceships, blasters, robots and aliens, it sounds like one massive joy ride to the outer reaches of the universe. But a game can't just become a hit without great features. So here are five of the best features that set this science fiction adventure apart form the crowd.

5. Light Speed

In a massive game, with planets light years away from your current location and you want to go to one of those planets, what do you do? Put a rubber band around your controller holding down the accelerator and come back in a few hours and check your progress? There's no need when you have light speed! Light speed is a very effective way of getting around the universe fast, but it has its pros and cons. Getting around fast would have to be a pro, seeing other ships zoom out of light speed would also have to be another pro, but light speed (or should I say Hyperdrive?) needs fuel to jump from system to system, but it can be bought from space stations or mined from a planet's surface.

4. Everything Seems Real

So, in a game that seems as unreal as anything as you can possibly imagine, the creators somehow make it seem realistic. Apart from the ships, aliens and robots, everything seems like it could happen. The planets, for example, are one thing that is amazingly awesome. If a planet is close to a sun, it will be dry and barren with not a lot of life. And then there's the opposite, the planets far away from the sun. These planets would be cold and with no life as well. But the ones in the middle are bursting with life and are great for mining and collecting valuables. They are also more colorful and interesting than the cold and hot ones. Another thing connecting to the planets is when you're exploring a cold planet, for example, you will need upgrades to your suit for your body to handle the weather, and same goes for the hot ones. You will need upgrades to withstand the immense heat.

3. True Discoverers

Since there are quite a few planets (see No.1), there will be quite enough to discover and explore. You could be the first to discover a planet and what it has on it, if it has life or anything valuable to mine or pick up. Even if there is nothing worth doing on this planet that has just been discovered by you, it can still be named. It can be named after yourself, a loved one or just something random. But it will have filters, so choose wisely. There can also be shipwrecks that can be discovered and explored to find technology and upgrades, which also connects to No.4 (upgrades that are needed for hot and cold planets).

2. No Man's Story

In No Man's Sky, there is no explicit story to follow. There are no cut scenes, but there is one big objective: get to the center of the universe. I'm not sure what's supposed to go on when you get there or how you get there, but it sounds interesting and I presume you can't just get there. Upgrades will most likely be needed. I'm sure you still get to continue the game after you've finished, and still get to explore and upgrade until there are no more upgrades to get and no more planets to explore.

1. Infinite, Only Not

Now the size of this game is insanely huge. If you travel around long enough it would have to start feeling endless. The number of planets is probably the largest number of anything I have probably seen. The number of explorable planets is 18,446,744,073,709,551,616. Or in other words about 18 billion billion. Now that's quite a few. The game will take 5 billion years to fully explore everything. Every planet. Every star formation. Every thing. It would all take 5 billion years of gaming. Now if that's not time well spent, I don't know what is.

Anyway, that was my Top 5 Best Features of No Man's Sky. I hope you enjoyed and learned a little something about this highly anticipated game.

'No Man's Sky' will be released in June 2016.


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