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I know, I've just made a Ghost Recon post. But this one will hopefully be different, but still a good read.

I've seen somewhere that people have been discussing and wanting an open world game based on the Second World War. I've also seen that Battlefield 5 will, hopefully, be set in this time period as well as another Call Of Duty.

Now, I've always enjoyed this period. I mean who doesn't? Our greatest generation for crying out loud! But, my question is: does that mean the Tom Clancy franchise could also go back that far? Would they even? If you think about it, it's not really a far fetched idea, but first we'd have to figure why, and all that stuff.

With Ghost Recon: Wildlands being the first open world Ghost Recon game, lots of fans are excited. If the game is a success, Ubisoft might want to continue the franchise's open world version.

Why Would Ghost Recon Be Activated?

Same reason we wanted Captain America
Same reason we wanted Captain America

The Allies need to get an edge. This is Tom Clancy, not Marvel so here's my idea. I know Ghost Recon is currently an army unit. However, in World War II they decided to start out by using the best of the army, navy, and marines (Air Force wasn't created yet).

The twist would also be that the intel gathered and sacrifices made by the soldiers, sailors, and marines of Ghost Recon provided us with the knowledge to win the war. Army Rangers and Green Berets, Marine Force Recon, and Navy SEALs would have been a part of this experimental group of operators. We'll see sad parts of history in this game.

The Characters

The 1940's weren't glorified for our relationships with each other. Discrimination was big in WWII; all white units, all black units, etc. However, I'd assume that Ghost Recon would look for soldiers who passed this state of mind. It'll also be a statement.

With these units being interracial and the best of the best, the other troopers would see this and follow suit. Video game spin on history for ya. Two squads is how I would handle this. Since we are in Europe and Japan, I would have the the two squads for the two different markets.

Alpha Team

This team would be the army one and based in Europe. With this being an open world game, imagine it like The Division.

You have your Base of Operations and from there, you can do: the campaign, side missions, multiplayer, intel, etc. Both squads would need something like this. Alpha Team, I think should be based in the air. This isn't Splinter Cell: Blacklist so the plane can't be the mini-helicarrier that it pretty much is. Alpha Team would consist of two Rangers and two Green Berets.

A cargo plane, I think would do the trick. Missions would be different for Alpha Team as well. They're in the cold dealing with Nazis and this game would feature the war from 1941-1945. Pearl Harbor would start the game off. It would be a briefing and General Patton would be giving the briefing to the teams of the newly formed Ghost Recon. You would play as Alpha and Bravo teams, but there would be more than those two teams.

Bravo Team

Two Navy SEALs and two Force Recon Marines. These guys would be based out of a carrier. That will be their home base. Since they hopped from island to island, each one you visit will have side missions and multiplayer opportunities to jump into. This brings me to my next idea:

Naval and Air Combat? Tanks?

With Ghost Recon: Wildlands coming out, we have seen that it is possible to use vehicles. Should we get this open world game, I wonder if they'll make the big jump to all these vehicles. World War II was in fact quite the time for dogfighting. Perhaps there should be bonus missions, or perhaps multiplayer modes of protecting bombers.

I'm not entirely sure how naval combat would work, or how similar to Assassin's Creed: Black Flag's ship combat mechanic it should be. I mean, ship to ship combat is literally over a century later. Even though I'm a ground combat man, I'd be interested playing battleship in Ghost Recon: Origins.

Ah, good old WWII tanks. There would be vehicular warfare in the campaign too, not just multiplayer. Then again, we could probably get tanks and humvees in Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Either way, more vehicular combat could be fun. This game wouldn't come out before 2020. Easily. But we can still dream right?


Do y'all think Ghost Recon could be our answer?


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