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Daredevil Season 2 has now entered the lives of MCU fans and Netflix binge-watchers alike with much excitement and praise. One of the most exciting elements of the second season is the introduction of the Punisher portrayed by Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead fame.

The Punisher. Source: Netflix / Marvel
The Punisher. Source: Netflix / Marvel

Anybody who has been following the buzz around the second season of Daredevil knows that Jon Bernthal worked his damn butt off to portray this character correctly, due to his poor reception in three motion pictures. He researched the comic books and trained hard to be the one actor to bring the character of Frank Castle to life with universal acclaim. However, he apparently had some unexpected help to get inside the mindset of the Punisher's character.

If you know anything about the comics or movies, you probably know about the origins of Punisher. A war veteran returns home to his family only to be gunned down with them in the middle of Central Park. Frank is the only survivor of this terrible ordeal and dedicates the rest of his life to fighting a war against crime. In a recent interview with ABC News, Jon Bernthal had this to say:

“There’s no way I could even begin to tackle this role if I wasn’t a father and a husband in my mind.”
“You realize what it’s like to love somebody more than yourself and be willing to give up your life for them in a heartbeat,”

Jon Bernthal was able to use his love for his family to easily relate to Frank Castle's crusade to fight against crime and the scum that killed his loved ones right in front of him.

I, personally, have seen all 13 episodes of the new season of Daredevil and I can easily say that Jon's performance shows all the turmoil and pain that Frank Castle is suffering from — you understand why he has to fight this war on crime. I truly hope this guy gets his own spin-off series sometime in the near future.

But what did you think of Jon Bernthal's performance as the infamous vigilante? Leave a comment below.


What did you think about Jon Bernthal's portrayal of the Punisher

Source: ABC News


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