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I'm constantly watching a slew of episodes of this or that on Netflix. My favorite show is The X-Files.
Kim Gleason

I'm an art student in my last semester of undergrad, cramming in the last 19 credits I need to graduate. I'm always busy during the week, but I like to use the weekends to catch up on my television addiction (if I'm not catching up on work in the studio).

I tend to spend my time on Netflix, going through a few shows at a time.

Right now, I'm finishing the second season of Sons of Anarchy. It's not my favorite show, and it's more a background to my tumblr shitposting and puppy-video-watching. There are shows that I give my undivided attention to, but SOA is not one of them so far. Maybe it's because I fell into this show shortly after the revival of The X-Files aired. TXF is my favorite show, so after bing(e?)ing that last fall, most shows pale in comparison.

I "watch" SOA but actually I have fallen asleep a few times while watching or I'll get through an entire episode without realizing it because I've been looking at maps, jobs, and apartments. Yes, I'm graduating soon, so I'm trying to figure out my future, which has no specific plan as of right now.

I also started watching Californication after I finished the original run of The X Files sometime around December 2015. Yes, I chose to watch Californication because of David Duchovny. It had been in my Netflix queue for even longer than TXF was prior to watching, but I didn't get around to it until after. Actually, I started TXF originally because I'd already seen Gillian Anderson in The Fall probably a year beforehand. That was during my time of watching tons of random British cop shows. I then rewatched The Fall after finishing TXF. Let's be honest, Gillian Anderson's performance as Stella Gibson is so well done and The Fall is excellent in terms of writing, story, and acting by the entire cast.

So, I'm in the middle of the final season of Californication right now. I have been paying attention to this wild show. I do tend to slow down my rate of watching a show when I get down to its final season if I really like it and I don't want it to end. I know I did this with The Office and probably with Friends as well.

I have a plan to do a rewatch of The X-Files soon and have already used my little to no HTML skills to organize a second tumblr with navigation pages to catalogue all the episodes, characters, and locations. I wanted to start this in-depth rewatch/review project as soon as the revival ended, but I've been far to busy with my art stuff at school. I've decided to postpone my TXF project until I graduate in May. I'll (hopefully) find a job and have lots more time to devote to my favorite show.

For now, I'll finish up Californication, and continue my casual viewing of Sons of Anarchy.


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