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Peak Summit Productions is the name of my YouTube channel! I post video reviews of movies each weekend and currently have a sketch in development. Unlike a system based on grades or scores, I give the movies I review one of the following ratings:

Total Incrediblast!

What it means: A movie that is just phenomenal in every sense of the word. The action, the story, the characters, the performances, everything about the movie rocks!

Multiple Viewings

What it means: Although not a total incrediblast, it is worth seeing many times in theaters and/or on Blu-ray.

Worth Seeing in Theaters (In IMAX)

What it means: The movie is worth seeing at least once, even if not worth seeing it a second time. Sometimes in IMAX if it's good enough.

Cheap Seats

What it means: Wait for the movie to go to a theater where the ticket price is cheaper, because the movie is only decent.


What it means: Not exactly terrible, but the movie's not worth buying a ticket or buying the Blu-ray.

Ignore It

What it means: Don't even bother seeing the movie, whether it's on Netflix or at the theaters. The movie is awful.

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