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A quick warning to everybody reading this. Don't continue if you haven't finished watching Digimon Tri Determination, as there will be spoilers...

First of all, I want to say that these four 'episodes' really stepped it up in terms of suspense and feelings. Between Joe's conflict to the Digidestined spending time with their Digimon, to the battle at the end, it was incredible.

Second of all, the ending where Leomon gets destroyed was awesome. I can't imagine how it would've felt like to witness it without expecting it, but sadly, some guy on this site spoiled the ending in a spoiler free review, the 2nd day the movie was out, so that was pretty annoying...however, the suspense to see how it happened though!

So onto the theories and discussion!

First of all, a lot of people were concerned after Agumon and Gabumon 'warp' digivolved in Reunion, that there'd be nothing special for 'warp' digivolutions anymore, though thankfully, they still made it slightly different than the new digivolution sequences.

Also, Rosemon had to have several boob bounces, even the unnecessary looking ones, but then I guess it wouldn't be Digimon without those haha. Really, Season 5 and 6 had quite a lot I'm sure.

Thirdly, what is up with everybody and their decline of the 02 cast? I mean, it's bad enough that there's been no mention of them, considering Tk and Kari were parners to Cody and Yolei, or even that in 02, Tk and Kari hungout with the 02 kids more then the originals...but as soon as Meicoo comes along, they act like this is the only other Digidestined other than them, when the ending of 02 showed a good amount of Digidestined all around the world?

Anyhow, before we get into Digimon Emperor theories, what's with Tk? Really, it's like they can't get his personality right. Sure he's growing up and whatnot, but he was one persona in Adventure, annoying, cocky and overthetop in 02, and I don't even know what he's doing in this one. but his comment on Ken, his supposed friend...The Digimon Emperor appeared and Tk just states 'Him again...why?' almost as if Ken were a guy who'd just bothered the group countless times and never truly a friend. I mean, if one of my friends were a bad guy turned good for a long period of time, if they reappeared bad again after not seeing them for a long time, I wouldn't question it as if I can't be bothered dealing with them, I'd be concerned. I'd be like 'Ken?! No way, it couldn't be!' not 'Him again? Why?' with an angry face. Now either they had a fallout after the events of 02 it would make sense, but this...this is just cold TK. You're not a good dude.

Now then, the real reason we're all here. The theories on the Digimon Emperor.

At first I thought, 'can it be Ken? The good old Digimon Emperor?' but recently re-watching 02, Ken couldn't rebecome the Emperor. He was the Emperor the first time because he believed he was in a game. A game where you know, having slaves is a good thing? But really though, the dark spire had him to ruthless things. He healed from it and I think they took it out of him, so it wouldn't be a natural thing. Alphamon trashed the 02 kids without the help of Kari or that scum Tk, so it could be that it had something to do with this.

Now notice how the Digimon Emperor is in his Emperor clothes outside the Digital World which is usually an attire in the Digital World. Now notice how humans can't go through the distortions. Boom.

That is a backed up copy of the Digimon Emperor. Ken and the others are imprisoned or dead. Tk probably celebrated. And now the Dimon Emperor is a digital backup file of the original, prior to his defeat. For whatever reason, he was resurrected, mislead over the 02 team and Ken, and given a now infected Wormmon and Veemon, probably deceived to being a creation of his, which he DNA Digivolved. This of course is obviously a theory, but it makes sense. Minus the Tk celebrating part. That was likely done in private, so nobody but himself knows of this.

Meicoomon, I'm not too sure what i going on, but when it defeated Leomon and everybody was shocked, that Agent Lady smiled. She's definitely upto something bad...

Now this is very unlikely, but if she's playing everybody and Alphamon is actually her partner and she's got the Emperor running around taking the fall...I totally called it haha. Though there would have to be an incredibly good reason for something like that.

Anyhow, stay tuned. I may upload screencaps and more info later!


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