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So I just finished watching Season 2 of Daredevil today. I have to say, I was infuriatingly disappointed. What started off as a masterpiece that left the audience in awe, slowly descended into a pile of confusion and uninteresting story arcs. FULL SPOILERS for all 13 episodes of Daredevil Season 2.

Season 2 of Daredevil started off with Hell's Kitchen's biggest gangs all getting killed off by what seemed to be an army of unstoppable killing machines...except it was all done by one man. These first couple of episodes set up just how much of a bad ass Frank Castle is. He managed to kill off countless mobs with ease and nearly ended Daredevil's life twice.

That is until Episode 4 where he gets arrested and put into a fairly interesting arc where he is represented by Nelson and Murdock in the "trial of the century". With The Punisher out of the way, we get introduced to Elektra, an old college flame of Matt Murdock who is bad news.

Elektra started off amazingly. She was mysterious, sexy and we could see just how much Matt was intrigued by her and the damage that she did to his life. Elektra made for a very interesting character but the story arc that she'd be a part of leading straight into the finale is a complete bore.

At first, the mystery of what was going on got me intrigued and curious what would happen next but the mystery got old very fast. It was the end of Episode 11, I only had two episodes to go and practically knew jack about what was going on with The Hand. I technically still don't. At this point last season, we pretty much knew everything.

There were ninjas terrorizing New York, a giant hole, kidnapped mind slaves whose blood was being used to fuel...something? The ninjas wanted Elektra because she was powerful in some way. It's never really explained what they're using her for.

Also, Nobu was back from the dead somehow and The Chaste was supposed to be stopping him. Emphasis on supposed to be because all The Chaste did was send an old blind man to warn another blind man about some war that we never get to see. The Chaste's plan seems even more vague than The Hand's.

It is never explained what The Hand wants, what their endgame is, how Elektra fits into it, what The Chaste is doing, there's no stakes. The finale is unbelievably underwhelming because I have no idea what either side is fighting for. It's just Daredevil fighting ninjas. That idea can only be so cool before we realize how pointless all of this was.

Nobu has never been that interesting of a character. He was just another one of the people that Fisk worked with who had building plans. This guy shows up in the last couple of episodes as the big bad and pretty much does nothing except kill Elektra. If anyone's read the comics or uses common sense, we all know that death's not going to last very long.

This is the guy who is supposed to go up against the likes of Wilson Fisk and Kilgrave as a big bad of the Marvel Nextflix series. Wilson Fisk even showed up for a couple of episodes and was far more interesting than all of the appearances of Nobu combined. Maybe if I actually knew what he was doing, I'd be more interested but we just know absolutely nothing about him.

Nothing ever gets explained. Why is The Hand making a bottomless pit? Couldn't tell you. What is The Hand using all that blood for and how are the blood donors getting possessed? Left to the imagination, I suppose. I guess we're never finding out because Daredevil casually throws Nobu off a building who then gets sliced up by Stick.

This season had so much potential. Everything involving The Punisher was amazing. Karen was amazing. She's still sleuthing around and she got results. I never saw that Blacksmith reveal coming and I was really happy with what they did with that. Perhaps what The Blacksmith was doing and how DA Reyes fit into it could have been better explained but I was happy for the most part.

The ending left a lot in the air. Nelson and Murdock closes, Foggy starts working for Jeri Hogarth (nice JJ crossover), Punisher burns down his home and leaves Daredevil alone so they can both do their own thing and Matt finally tells Karen that he's the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

Something that does concern me is the fact that we might not get another season for a couple of years. Luke Cage shows up later this year, Iron Fist has been cast so his show should come immediately after that and I imagine The Defenders series isn't too far behind. Plus, we have another season of Jessica Jones that needs to fit in somewhere. I wouldn't expect Daredevil S3 until at least late 2018.

What did you think of Daredevil Season 2? Were you just as disappointed as I am? Or do you feel like going on an angry rant about how wrong I am? Comment below!


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