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I have finally finished watching the second season of Daredevil early today after two hours of working, playing Fallout 3 New Vegas, working out at 24 hour fitness, and very little sleep, and while I loved the second season, it was not as good as the first. I will get to my favorite episodes and what I loved and what I did not like so much about this season later.

For those who have not watched the entire season yet stop I will give you a spoiler free opinion of the second season. First while I personally really like Thomas Jane's portrayal of Frank Castle and think Jane's Punisher is an underrated film Jane does not hold a candle to Jon Bernthal's performance and portrayal of the character, and steals the season. I really liked, but did not love Élodie Yung's portrayal of Elektra. I continue to love Charlie Cox's performance as Matt Murdock/Daredevil. The action in Daredevil is once again excellent with the fight scenes wonderfully choreographed and filmed, and are the best action sequences on Television/Streaming TV. There are a few surprises in the story and character appearances, but those would be spoilers. Overall again the second season wasn't as good as the first, but still a great season that I'd give a 9.25/10. Now if you have not watched the entire season yet stop reading now.

First, I am going to talk about my three favorite episodes in particular order.

"Penny and Dime": The episode was perfect as the episode dove into the Castle's past displaying his humanity. The best scene in the episode and one of the best scenes in the series happened towards the end of the episode after Punisher with the help of Daredevil escape from the Irish Mob boss Finn (Though I wish he could have been around for one or two more episodes). Hurt badly the two up in a cemetery where Frank tells Matt a heart-wrenching story about his daughter and coming home from war. That scene that moment, and that story left me in tears.

"Seven Minutes to Heaven": I loved this episode for one huge reason in that it brought the return of Vincent D'Onofrio and the Kingpin as well as a cool guest appearance of William Forsythe. While I knew Fisk would be back and would be shocked if he did not make an appearance I love that Netflix and Marvel never gave anything away. There was no information that D'Onofrio would return for the second season, and there was nothing in the trailers that would imply that the Kingpin makes an appearance, and did D'Onofrio make one hell of an appearance as Fisk effortlessly manipulates Castle to take out his competition showing that Fisk is still the power in New York City, and is just buying his time.

"The Dark End of the Tunnel": I loved the growth of Karen Page, and I loved Karen and Castle story line. I did not see the show going direction, but both Deborah Ann Woll and Bernthal worked great together. I loved the big reveal about who was directly responsible for the deaths of Caste's family, and how Page tried to talk him out of his revenge. While I was not fully behind the Black Sky story line I did enjoy the flash backs with how Stick tried to protect Electra, and send her down a better path.

There are quite a few things I loved about the second season of Daredevil with the first being Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle. In my view Bernthal embodies who Castle is far more than any other actor who has portrayed him. Bernthal effortless displayed the darkness and vengeance inside Castle that drives him to kill, but also his humanity. I have already talked about Bernthal multiple times, and now I am going to talk about Woll multiple times as Castle and Page were some of the best elements of the season. I continue to love Woll's performance as Page as well as her growth as character this season, and Page becoming a reporter which surprised me because if I remember correctly that never happened in the comics. I know she helped Ben Urich a few times, but never became a reporter, so it was a nice deviation from the comics.

All right let's get to some of the things that slightly held back my love for this season, and it had to do with the Elekra, Stick, Daredevil and Black Sky story line. I just was not buying the dread that Stick was telling. Like Matt, I did not buy it, and the season did not really back it up. Nor did I care about the Nobu's return or the threat of Nobu. While I did enjoy the Electra/Matt scenes I definitely did not care about the Black Sky story line compared to everything else that happened this season. Still Daredevil is the best super hero show series on TV or streaming, and I look forward to the third season that I'm sure will bring the full return of Wilson Fisk and include Bullseye.


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