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Season 2 of daredevil premiered on Friday. Much darker then the last season, it introduced two major characters “The Punisher” and “Elektra”. This season brings more action and connection to the upcoming series “The Defenders”. We also got to see the devil fighting in his iconic red suit which they introduced at the end of last season.

The season opened with daredevil knocking out a few thieves but soon shifted its focus to a gang of Irish mob being shredded by bullets. One of the members survives and asks Nelson and Murdock for help at Josie’s but faints because of a wound he suffered in the shooting. Karen stays with him at the hospital. There they were attacked by a gunman. Daredevil investigates the shooting on his own finds out that Irish attack and attack on another gang was carried out by one man rather than a group of men (which everyone thought because no way one man can carry out a hit with such precision). He finds the attacker on the roof of the hospital taking shot at escaping member. Daredevil confronts him and got shot in the head but thanks to his new armored (and horny) helmet he survived. Later he finds out that people are calling him as “the punisher” (real name Frank Castle).

Jon Bernthal as Punisher
Jon Bernthal as Punisher

Daredevil finds out that Punisher’s family was caught in a crossfire between three gangs on a drug deal gone south and he is targeting only those gangs. Punisher got captured by Irish gang and daredevil rescues him and call the cops for Punisher’s arrest.

Nelson and Murdock decides to take frank’s case (well mostly Murdock and Karen). Between all this chaos a good thing happens for Murdock. And that is Karen. They finally kissed (I have been waiting for this moment since season 1). But in the midst of all this an old friend or ex-girlfriend shows up. Elektra (Elodie yung). She wanted matt’s help with yakuza which later turns out to be something different. We also got to know matt and Elektra’s past and their relationship.

Elodie Yung as Elektra
Elodie Yung as Elektra

Meanwhile in the prison Frank meets Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio). With a little manipulation and franks help Fisk takes charge of the prison and we see Fisk taking on the name of ‘Kingpin’. Fisk arranges Frank’s escape from the prison.

While trying to help Elektra Murdock losses Karen and foggy and we see an end of Nelson and Murdock. Working with Elektra they found out that what initially they thought to be yakuza was totally different organization known as “The Hand”. Daredevil and Elektra work together to take down the hand and daredevil faces Nobu, the ninja who nearly killed him in the first season. Turns out he is like some sort of immortal, which was also the prime objective of The Hand in the past. Now they want a weapon known as the black sail which was also shown on season 1 in the form of a young boy.

With many twists and surprising entrances this season if not better than the first one sure is as good as season 1. The Jessica Jones references and guest staring of Carrie anne moss makes it all connected and it paved the way for the Defenders.

Marvels Netflix world is dark and gritty and the way they are connecting it together we may see a few of these heroes in upcoming infinity wars. At least I hope we see them.

Any way of you haven’t watched daredevil yet, watch it now and let me know what you think of season 2.


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