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Gone are the days when trolls were just supernatural beings, or those little toys with the bright colored hair.


Nowadays we have Internet trolls; some use their powers for good, some for bad and some for sheer entertainment.

Four Finger Discount, a Simpsons fan site and "the home of Australia’s premier Simpsons podcast," posted a picture on their Facebook page. The image was sent in from Simpsons fan, Andrew Schwebel, who contacted 7 News Australia with a media-worthy report.

But, there's a catch...

Andrew sent in a "tip" to 7 News Australia about a man loitering outside the campus of his university and stealing people’s wallets. Naturally, this got the news station's attention and when they asked for more information, Schwebel started a whole new trend.

Check out the post that started it all below.

Now everything is NOT coming up Milhouse for the news networks because once this picture was posted, the Internet got a hold of it and flooded the Facebook pages with references of their own, not just in Australia but even taking it overseas!

But not all the tips consist of crimes Snake has committed, or even crimes at all:

But it was only a matter of time before the news stations starting fighting back.

There are plenty more pictures on Four Finger Discount. As far as trolling goes, this has to be one of the most entertaining examples to date!

Unless you are the news stations. Sorry not sorry.

Given that The Simpsons has been on the air for over 25 years and, at this point, has aired 590 episodes, I would say there are plenty more references just begging to be used.


What did you think of the News Station Trolls?

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