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Now, i love Star Wars, but i must be the only one who loves Indiana Jones, so the news that the fifth film in the franchise is coming with Spielberg directing and Ford back! (No Chris Pratt, please....or Shia).

So, we all gotta wonder: How will they do it? What direction will they take the new Indiana Jones? Well, there's two possible reasons why Indiana Jones 5 might go the direction of The Force Awakens and just bluntly copy what came before, which some fans turned their back on Star Wars 7 because of that.

So, it brings the question:

Will Indiana Jones 5 Copy Raiders Of The Lost Arc Or Any Film In The Trilogy?

Me when i saw Indy 4
Me when i saw Indy 4

The Force Awakens is just a blunt copy of A New Hope, right? It's so obvious, you can't defend it, man.

And i know why they do it: They play it safe, because they're scared. This is an age where sequels, reboots and adaptations rule the industry, so with new instalments in beloved franchises being the norm right now, you bet they wanna keep it safe and not rage the fans, but them just not doing anything new and just repeating the same crap is worse.

Would it kill you if you made an original sequel, Jar Jar Abrams?

It May Be Good, It May Be Bad

indeed, Doc Jones!
indeed, Doc Jones!

Look, the same creative team behind the loathed Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull is back for the fifth film, soooooooo it's gonna be bad, you ask?

Well, with George Lucas being not involved, then this may turn out the sequel to the original trilogy that everyone wanted!

What can Indy 5 do, to be good?

  • Be original
  • Good acting
  • Good writing
  • No Shia
  • No George Lucas
  • Be Original, You Twats!


Will You Watch A Fifth Indiana Jones Movie?


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