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Looks like another timeless Hollywood beauty is attempting to veer off from the work of glamour and hardship that once made her a household name. Michelle Pfeiffer, in an effort to keep up with the times, is moving on to bigger and better - and hopefully much more life fulfilling - business ventures.

Michelle on the red carpet for "The Family"
Michelle on the red carpet for "The Family"

The Dangerous Liasions and Batman Returns star was recently spotted - in a vague attempt to go undercover, accompanied with a fake name and dark sunglasses - at a health and wellness expo in Anaheim, California.

Pfeiffer starred in Burton feature "Dark Shadows"
Pfeiffer starred in Burton feature "Dark Shadows"

The 57 year old head turner, who recently became a vegetarian after witnessing the plight of former President, Bill Clinton, was spotted speaking with exhibitors about potentially launching her own product line. A witness, who apparently attended the expo, spoke with PageSix about Pfeiffer's interest.

"Wearing dark sunglasses, Michelle was walking up and down the aisles of the show taking meetings with anyone willing to sit down with her. Her goal, according to some exhibitors, was to secure herself some licensing deals or do her own product line with a focus on health and wellness."

The source also lightly touched on Pfeiffer's attempt to go incognito.

"Michelle had a name tag on that did not bear anything close to her real name, which was strange because you had to check in with ID."

Michelle has been more open about her desire to lead a healthier lifestyle in recent years, especially now that she's getting older and the interesting roles heading her way are coming less and less. She spoke about this in 2013, saying

"I existed on cigarettes, Coca-Cola and coffee. I remember watching that program (Bill Clinton's 'The Last Heart Attack') thinking, ‘Clinton is a smart man and there’s true science behind this theory.’ So I cut out meats and dairy. After two months, my cholesterol shot down 83 points. That’s enough proof to me that it works.” Pfeiffer continued, “I think you begin to look and feel lousy the older you become, so now I eat really well. I don’t smoke and I’m learning meditation."

Michelle is next set to star alongside The Family and New Year's Eve co-star, Robert De Niro in HBO's The Wizard of Lies. Pfeiffer stars as Ruth Madoff, wife of the infamous ponzi schemer, Bernie Madoff, played by De Niro. She's also been seen filming scenes for a project known as Beat-up Little Seagull, which completed filming in early January. She stars alongside Keifer Sutherland in that drama due out sometime in the later part of 2016.

Speaking about the gender gap - and the lack of interesting roles - Pfeiffer commented it's just the way the world works right now. She said,

"An actress’ window of opportunity is smaller than an actors. You can be the sexiest man alive at 60, but it’s not like that if you’re a woman. It’s just one of those things. Deal with it.”

Whatever happens with Ms. Pfeiffer's new business venture - if it even comes to fruition - I'm sure she will have no trouble slapping on a label that will be purchased by the truckload by her grand mass of adoring fans....and those seeking to claim some of that timelessness she has so wonderfully captured through the years.


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