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Nathaniel Rego

Grimm actress Jaqueline Toboni famed for her role of Trubel aka Teresa Rubel in the hit NBC series debuts in not only season two of the AMC WD prequel series Fear The Walking Dead but also in the upcoming sequel to the 2012 hit movie Piranha 3DD, titled Piranha 3DDD.

In Piranha 3DDD, she battles alongside Christopher Lloyd, Danielle Panabaker, and Arnold S (Terminator/The Last Stand) deadly piranhas from the prehistoric past that have evolved by adapting to land than just water since the end of Piranha 3DD. The piranhas attack Santa Monica Beach in Southern California in this anticipated Piranha sequel. Piranha 3DDD bites into cinemas and in 3D as of spring 2017.

In season two of Fear the Walking Dead, Jaqueline and others take on Walkers resuming to take over the world with infectious evolving force. She plays a marine biologist teaming up the survivors of the beginning zombie apocalypse upon discovering the Walkers can survive underwater than just on land. Fear the Walking Dead: Season 2 sinks its infectious teeth into AMC as of April 10, 2016.


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