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Mayim Bialik Reveals That She Thinks The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory Are All Overpaid

Mayim who plays Amy in the show may make you laugh out loud every week, she may not. But recently in an interview she has revealed that she thinks the cast are widely overpaid. But she doesn't think she deserves her pay packet.

Mayim told New York Daily News this:

"I don’t make as much money as people think I do. I don’t think about the money a lot. I am an employed actor and we are all overpaid. I don’t think the pay has anything to do with the quality of the show. We have an extraordinary cast and amazing writing staff and people all care passionately about putting on a show every week. - Mayim Bialik

Season 10 is already in the works as recently reported. But Mayim has left a door open whether she will return or not for the tenth Season. This is because she has started talking about what she could do next.

"I am grateful to be employed. But I still need to think about what is next and I think about it a lot." - Mayim Bialik continued

The actors Jim Parsons (Sheldon) and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) both get $1 Million per episode! Along with Kaley Cuoco (Penny) who also gets $1 Million an episode. That's about £700,000. However the other cast get a lower wage per episode.


Are The Big Bang Theory Cast Overpaid?


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