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Hawkeye thus far in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), has been written as a combination of MU616 and the Ultimate Avengers. So I am taking it upon myself to refine his MCU history based on what we all know so far from the movies and TV show.

AUTHOR NAME : Sandy K Martin

TITLE OF SHOW : Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman

FORMAT OF SHOW: Action, Comedy, Suspense Series

(Rough Series Outline):

Organizations in the series:

  • WCA (World Counter-Terrorist Agency) SHIELD covert division;
  • Stark Industries;
  • Death THROWS;
  • HYDRA;
  • AIM;
  • Red Room;
  • CIA;

Main Characters:


  • London; Research and Development
  • Bangs; Weapons and explosives specialist who has streamlined Clint's custom arrow heads.
  • Twitchy; is Clint's Senior intelligence analyst.


  • William Cross "Crossfire"
  • Jacques DuQuesne "Swordsman"
  • Buck Chisholm "Trickshot"
  • John Doe "Silencer"

Supporting characters:

  • Black Widow;
  • Barton Family;
  • Frank Castle "Punisher";
  • Scott Lang "AntMan";
  • Bobbie Morse "Mockingbird"

Clint Barton is a covert agent of SHIELD and member of the Avengers. But being Earth's Mightiest Marksman creates a lot of enemies. Criminals organizations, Extremist groups, Lowlifes, Demigods, Secret Societies all want a piece of the man known as Hawkeye.

But how did the youngest son of a drunken abusive father to carnival performer to become one of Nick Fury's most trusted agents and a proud member of the Avengers?

Who hired the hit on Clint Barton's family? Who found out about Clints family? Who the hell did agent Barton piss off this time?


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