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Star Wars Episode 8 has been filming, and with fans eating up the tiniest detail imaginable, some big possible reveals have come and possibly uncover who Laura Dern is playing in Episode 8.

Just leaving this here, you old dog
Just leaving this here, you old dog

New information regarding off Laura Dern’s character in Star Wars: Episode VIII may have come forward. The report says that Dern may portray a high-ranking officer or politician or something on the rebellion with an antagonistic relationship with Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron. One sceneis said to involve Dern’s character telling the film’s protagonists that they are the last of the Resistance against the First Order; a moment that comes after Carrie Fisher’s General Leia is given pretty serious injuries (By Kylo Ren?) Another awesome and cool scene is said to involve a heated exchange between Dameron and her character, as Dameron seemingly commits a mutiny against her and the crew of her ship.

So, that was a doozy. But who is she playing, do you believe this is legit? Or not, mate?

Who Do you think Laura Dern is playing in Episode VIII? Is that leak legit or not? Sound off in the comments.


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