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I am a Box Office analyzer. Not a Professional one but a Better one.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant opened this week with $29.1 million, which is far from previous installments. It is 46% off from Divergent's $54.6 million opening weekend and 44% off Insurgent's $52.2 million weekend debut. This can maybe attributed to decline in Shailene Woodley's Star power.

It is another blow for Lionsgate, whose recent film God's Of Egypt also failed to succeed at box office. As this also happened with Mockingjay part 2, YA adaption films are on a slump nowadays.

Overseas numbers are also soft for Allegiant as it grossed $22 million this weekend for a foreign total of $53.5 million and a worldwide cume of $82.6 million. Now its only hope is China, where it hasn't secured a date till now. Speaking of China, here is a good news:

Zootopia Becomes Highest Grossing Animation Ever In China

Zootopia earned approx. $30 million this weekend for a Chinese box office cume of $173 million to become the highest grossing animation film ever at Chinese box office. Before it, the title belonged to Kung fu Panda 3 ( $153.3 million ), which is still running in China theaters.

In America, Zootopia topped the box office for third weekend in a row with $38.1 million this weekend for a domestic cume of $201.8 million. Zootopia is now on track to earn atleast $280 million or maybe it can hit $300 million. But with Batman v Superman opening this week, it will be difficult to achieve that milestone.

Overseas Zootopia grossed $64 million this weekend to lift its foreign total to $389.9 million. Its has now grossed $591.7 million wordwide.


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