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At some point we've all thought we could make a pretty awesome movie. Usually, this happens after a few drinks and everyone starts talking about what would make a great movie. Mine are never that solid when I think about them again sober, but they always sounded great at the time. Well, the fine creators of Best Movie NEVER Made has taken those conversations and turned them into an awesome card game reminiscent of Cards Against Humanity and it looks awesome.

The rules are simple, you get four "star cards" and four "category" cards and then you draw randomly from the plot deck. There's a designated judge that you'll pitch your movie to and, really, the random draw can either make or break your awesome movie idea. For example:


Just like Cards Against Humanity stuff can get real weird real fast which is the best part, to be honest.

The game itself can only be purchased online and only 2 million will be printed so get them while they're hot. You can grab it directly from their website at Best Movie Never Made.

If you want to see the game in action, here's a video of Youtuber, Philip DeFranco, giving the game a whirl.

What's the weirdest movie idea you've had?

Source: Best Movie Never Made


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