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Whether you like the 2003 version of "Daredevil" starring Ben Affleck or not, strap yourselves in, because this Netflix Original Series is eons better. As this has an entirely new (and better) cast, a much more fleshed out story, and characters that the film could just not get right, I will leave it at that, as far as comparisons go. This series stands on it's own. Following Matthew Murdock and his partner at law, Foggy Nelson, they build their reputation as a law firm, as Matt, a blind man, disguises himself at night to fight crime. Dressing in black and using his scent and hearing, he is able to detect his surroundings, almost like a super human. Marvel has not really been all that great in their villain category, as the films dive deeper into the heroes and leave the villains as a side character for them to be able to fight someone or something. This series delves deeper into the villains backstory (ie. Wilson Fisk), fleshing out the heroes and villains equally, making for one hell of an emotional first season.

Having no restrictions, Marvel pairing with Netflix truly could not have been a better call, especially for this character. When the violence really needs to hit in order for the audience to feel the impact, they go all out, which I really admire. The secondary characters in Karen Page and Claire Temple only added more depth to the main characters, as some of them may or may not find out who Matt really is when he is not around. The writing, direction, action, characters, camerawork, and execution of this overall story is pitch perfect compared to any other incarnation we have seen from the character before. I loved every episode of this first season and I can not wait for this show to continue. You can tell they want to build to something bigger.


Review By: KJ Proulx


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