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(There will be Spoilers for 'Daredevil's' second season)

Let me start by stating that I really did enjoy the second season of Marvel's Daredevil. I thought Frank Castle was the highlight of the season. Every time he talked about his family, he almost brought tears to my eyes. Elektra was wonderful and psychotic in every way. I thought there was a big improvement on Foggy's character this season, too. He didn't seem whiny and it's understandable wanting to see your best friend while you're in the hospital.

Matt took advantage of Claire and got her fired. Karen and Matt's romantic tryst started off cute and then got stale. Without Frank's words to her about love, I don't think I would have cared anymore. Wilson Fisk was magnetic behind bars and I think he finally figured out who Daredevil is. So, what went wrong with the show's protagonist then?

I loved Matthew in Season 1! He was everything I wanted out of a street-level vigilante. Plus, he worked hard on his interpersonal relationships that made him feel real to the audience. He was a guy I was happy to spend 13 episodes with and was looking forward to doing it again. Now, I am not dissing the show by any means whatsoever — the action in this show surpasses anything on film or television. This show still has a lot of potential, but while I was watching something bothered me after a couple of episodes; besides Matt's blatant apathy towards Foggy and Karen, he has an overall "my way or the highway" view.

Matt still had yet to achieved douche-status at that point in Season 2, and after Frank's conversation with Red, you have to wonder, why do any of this at all? For me, this put Matt in an unflattering light, that he really is just doing this for the sheer violence of it. Matt can say that he's doing it to protect his city, but I didn't buy it and it makes me like Daredevil less.

Frank had his reasons, and even with all the recent shootings that have taken place in the United States, those couldn't even taint his likability on screen. My city fell victim to a mass-shooting recently (Kalamazoo, MI) and you would think I'd therefore be on Matt's side. I can empathize with a man wanting revenge after random violence took his family away from him, but it seemed that Matt has let this take over his life and I'm not sure why he's fighting anymore. He lost his father, but why choose to lose the only people you're close with now as well? In the end he did try to rectify his mistakes, but I'm not as excited for the next season as I was for this season (if they get another season).

Matty's story reminded me of Oliver Queen's on Arrow. But Matt doesn't have a Felicity in his vicinity. Only Batman can get away with ignoring every aspect of his personal life and still be an intriguing character. I'll give my reasons on why Matt was a douche now, but I am wondering, did anyone else felt this same way about Daredevil?

1. Matt takes Frank's case and then leaves Foggy to do all the work

Matt missed opening statements for Castle's case and that just peeved me. Foggy Nelson loves Matthew like a brother and the fact that he would do that to Foggy is horrible. He chose to take the Punisher's case and then he wasn't there to do any of the work. He put Karen and Foggy in a great deal of danger. I found myself thinking that these were not the actions of a hero, but of someone who's lost sight of what's important. I know what you're thinking: Kurty, he had to fight the Hand. The truth at hand was that Matt needed to fight and it didn't matter who with. He put everyone he was close with in danger because of it.

2. What was up with Matt and Elektra?

This was very confusing to me. I'd only watched the season once and I need to do it again to truly see everything. Elektra was going to give in to her instincts and then she didn't. Repeat this a couple more times and that's basically their story. I loved every moment Elodie Yung was on screen, but I just didn't quite understand her motivations as a character. I wished that they'd explained what exactly being a "Black Sky" really means.

Matt's a douche because he almost got her killed. You never yell "stop" to somebody in the middle of a sword fight. Let me say this once more, I enjoyed this season, but Matt was not the highlight of the show like he was in the first season. I am extremely curious about how the writers will further Elektra's story-line for next season or in The Defenders.

3. Why didn't Matt tell Karen he was Daredevil in the beginning?

I don't know why, but it always bugs when superheroes intentionally keep their love interest in the dark, only to tell them later. With all the digging that Karen does, she should have known that Matthew was Daredevil in case she got herself in a bad situation. I understand it's a great way to end the season — but come on! I liked the fact that Iris West and Lois Lane both discover their heroes' secret. I was expecting, with all the digging that Karen did, that she would find out that Matt was Daredevil. It just bugged me that's the way they left the end of the season.

Netflix'd better do a Punisher series. This show did a phenomenal job setting one up and it would be a shame not see it come to fruition. He stole the show, especially the prison scene. When Wilson comes for Matt, expect Frank to help Red out!


Maybe Matt wasn't as big of a douche as I previously thought. I think Charlie Cox encompasses Matt Murdock and maybe I was disappointed that I didn't feel as strongly for his character as I did last season — or I just need to watch the season a few more times and hopefully it will grow on me. Everyone has different opinions concerning their favorite shows. I was satisfied with almost every aspect of the show, but I didn't think Daredevil did anything to grow as a character. He will be the leader of The Defenders when the show premieres and I didn't see the necessary character growth to make me excited for the show. Lastly, maybe I just prefer Jessica Jones — she feels like a real character compared to somebody who shuns their friends for no particular reason.

What did you think of 'Daredevil' Season 2?


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