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In The Big Bang Theory, Season 6, Episode 19, Sheldon cleaned up Bernadette and Howard's closet. Sheldon discovered an unopened letter in the closet addressed to Howard from Howard's father. Sheldon then opened up the letter to see what it said. A furious Howard then burns the letter, keeping the information a mystery for good. But Penny, Amy and Bernadette persuade Sheldon to tell the three of them what the letter said, as he is the only one that knows. It didn't take long until Sheldon told Raj and Leonard too.

Once Howard finds out that everybody knows, he decides to leave the party and go home. In the meantime, the other six decide to come up with six statements as to what was in the letter. Five of them being false and one of them being true. It was up to Howard to decide which on he thought was true.

Below are the six statements, once you've read/refreshed your mind as to what the statements are, vote in the poll at the end or leave a comment which statement you think is true.

1. Raj

Raj explained it was an 18th birthday card for Howard. Inside it said "Happy Birthday Howard. I love you dad." Raj then explains that it was a far side card. The one with the frog has its tongue stuck to the underside of an airplane. Thinking it is a fly. Fairly simple statement. It could be true as the letter arrived on Howard's 18th birthday. So let's not rule this answer out.

2. Sheldon

Sheldon says his statement and well... he kinda thinks outside the box, but ruling himself out at the same time without knowing it. His statement explained that it was a map leading to the lost treasure of the famous pirate One-Eyed Willy. But when Howard foils his statement by saying it's the plot to The Goonies, Sheldon then decides to change his statement ever so slightly. The pirate's name changes to Peg-Leg Antoine. Still ruling yourself out there Sheldon!

3. Amy

Amy then goes onto explain that the letter said that Howard's dad was in the auditorium at his High School Graduation when Howard graduated. His dad cried because he was proud of Howard. This seems logical. It's safe to say that many parents have done this. Being proud of your child will make you cry with happiness. But it makes the moment even more special because Howard's dad hadn't seen Howard in a long time.

4. Penny

Penny explains that the letter said that Howard's dad wasn't really who he said he was. Eventually, his other life caught up to him. The only way to keep Howard and his mum safe was to leave. Seems fair. Being someone that you really aren't will backfire one day. Like Penny said, your other life will catch up with you and you have no choice but to leave. Is this something Howard's dad would do?

5. Leonard

Leonard says to Howard that the letter was written about how family is the most important thing, and never throw it away like Howard's dad did. So basically Howard's dad now regrets abandoning his family and wishes that he was still living with Howard's mother. If he was still there, the show would be completely different.

6. Bernadette

Finally we move on to Bernadette. Who of course is Howard's wife. So will she be telling the truth? Or is she telling Howard something false — but make it seem real as she knows Howard will pick it? Bernadette explains that inside the envelope was a picture of Howard's dad holding Howard the day he was born. On the back it read "Howard, my son, my greatest gift." So it's something rather special and leaves a door open that his dad really does care for him.

For all we know, it could be a number of these. As all of these (well apart from Sheldon's) seem realistic. Hopefully one day we will meet Howard's father, and in that episode it is revealed what the letter really said. So, it's up to you to decide which statement is true, for now. Vote in the poll below or comment.


What Do You Think The Letter Said?


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