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If you are a fan or supporter of Independent filmmaking then mark your calendars for April 8th-17th. The Florida Film Festival will begin its' 25th celebration in Orlando this year and will feature a slew of exciting new films for a variety of genres. Buzz is already generating for features like To Keep the light, Donald Cried, Slash and Mad. There will be special guest panels with The League actor Mark Duplass and classic horror film Carrie star Sissy Spacek.

No, no really, it is a great look for you...
No, no really, it is a great look for you...

While attending the festival there is one film i'd like to point out that may catch your eye. That film is called To Keep the Light starring Erica Fae, who also happens to be the writer and director of the film. It takes place in Maine 1876 and follows the story of a woman (Fae) who must take on the duties of tending the lighthouse while her husband is mysteriously ill. This film is inspired by true stories and is one of the more beautifully shot films to appear this year. Erica Fae is the powerhouse in this character driven story and is the only one of its kind being shown this year. Another fascinating fact about the film is Caroline Shaw, who composes the music for this work of art, is the youngest woman to ever win a Pulitzer Prize in music. Below is the trailer for To Keep the Light. You can also head over to their website for more info. and their Facebook page

Tickets for the festival are already on sale so if you are in the southeast region and want to have a great experience I suggest you make a trip to the Florida Film Festival. Come see some great films while enjoying the ever-exciting city of Orlando. You can check out the Festivals webpage HERE for event info and ticket sales. If you wish to see To Keep the Light the specific dates and times are Saturday April 9th at 4:15pm and Tuesday April 12th at 6:30pm.

I hope to have some more articles for you guys shortly. If you enjoyed my last post, which I decided will become a series called "Why you shouldn't be excited", then follow me and I promise to bring more...and cookies!


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