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In two days, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 will be released on DVD in the United States and while this is the final film in The Hunger Games series, fans are saying goodbye to something way bigger than that.

According to a Twitter poll we took, 94% of voters agree that The Hunger Games series has impacted their lives in anyway shape or form.

See some of the other results below:

  • 98% of voters agree that The Hunger Games is something that they'll come back to forever.
  • 84% of voters agree that The Hunger Games is apart of their daily life.
  • And only 2% of voters say they'll leave the fandom at one point.

Based on the results here, you'll learn that The Hunger Games is more than just a action based film series to people. You'll learn that it's an inspirational story - based on books - about one seventeen year old girl, rising up and taking a stand, that it's something that means a whole lot to a bunch of people. The Hunger Games is more than just a story... it has a message.

So, on Tuesday, fans aren't saying goodbye to just a film series. We're saying goodbye to a huge part of our lives.

No more trailers, no more press interviews, no more posters. That's what we're saying goodbye to. We're saying goodbye to waiting for the first still from the movies. We're saying goodbye to a lot of things.

But, however...

Just because the DVD is out in a day or two doesn't mean it's the end. ❤

We tweeted this out this morning. Now, just because we're saying goodbye to the series, that doesn't mean that this is end of something very special: everyone in this fandom knows one thing. No matter what, The Hunger Games fandom has a bond. And no matter what, we'll always have that.

We don't know what's left for us in terms of events, prequels or more, but we know for one thing: the fandom will burn on forever.


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