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Collins Vincent

Studios always seem to be rolling the dice with franchises and new and original content. Lionsgate studios seems to have a mission to do just that based on a specific announcement that was made. Some time ago, the studio announced that they had purchased a spec-script for the sci-fi invasion film Revoc, which is currently set to be directed by Aleksander Bach, the director behind 2015's Hitman: Agent 47. The film seems like an ambitious project for the studio since someone is always trying to shake up the "alien invasion flick" formula and produce something inventive and creative.

The project was specifically described as "a grounded sci-fi epic with a unique take on the genre". This raises the excitement level, but also a number of concerns. When words like "grounded" are used to describe a film, it can mean a number of things. How exactly will this film go about creating a grounded sci-fi epic? Will the story be contained in a single area, building, or structure? It's also being called a "unique" take on the genre. Could this be referring to the aliens method of invasion or extermination of the occupying human species? Does it have something to do with how a band of survivors will combat these visitors from another world? And then there's the title. Revoc is just a fancy way of spelling the word "Cover" backwards. The title is a bit cryptic but could explain how the film will come together or the creator/screenwriter simply picked the name because it sounds cool.

Finally, and this is interesting, Lionsgate is handing the directorial duties of this film to Aleksander Bach, who made his directorial debut with Hitman: Agent 47. The film didn't get very stellar reviews or win any oscars, but some have admitted that they went to see it and enjoyed every minute of it. Bach does have a history directing music videos and it appears someone took notice and saw his talent, or the guy just got a lucky break and walked away with a decent paycheck after helming the game adaptation. It's a bit early in the game to say that this film will be lackluster, but there are legitimate reasons to be nervous. At most, Revoc could be decent and become a cult-classic. There are few details on the project, but there's sure to be more information coming in the future.


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