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Norman Reedus is one of the most popular actors on television right now thanks to The Walking Dead, and he has gotten that way through the success of the best comic book adaptations on film or television.

What if the fan favorite actor tried his luck with another comic book property? In this article I have 10 superheroes and villains that I think Norman Reedus would fit perfectly.

10. Ghost Rider

The main reason I have Ghost Rider at #10 is because I feel like it would be a bit repetitive to have Reedus play a character that is known almost solely for riding a motorcycle, since he is already known for playing a character that rides a motorcycle constantly.

While Reedus would be an excellent fit for the role, I think that fans would have a hard time seeing Norman Reedus on a motorcycle as anything other than Daryl Dixon.

9. Bullseye

There were rumors that Jason Statham was going to take the role in Daredevil, but it appears those dreams are dead. Norman Reedus could step in and go toe to toe against the man with no fear though.

8. Namor The Sub-Mariner

The the film rights for Namor are still at Universal Pictures, unfortunately. Hopefully the film rights to Namor will revert back to either Marvel, or Fox will find a way to buy them for Namor to appear as an X-Man. Either way, I think Reeedus would fit the character well and be able to easily pull off the bravado that Namor possesses.

7. Green Arrow (DCEU)

While Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow on TV covered, their has been no word on whether we will get a Green Arrow in the movies. If we do get a Green Arrow in the DCEU, Reedus could be a great choice. He can provide the wit and sarcasm while also having a solid likeness to the Oliver Queen in the comics.

6. Morbius, The Living Vampire

This is a character that has yet to make an appearance in live-action, but has been a fan favorite for a while now. Reedus has the look and the right type of screen presence to pull the character off.

5. Kraven The Hunter

Kraven the Hunter has been a long-standing Spider-Man villain and Norman Reedus can bring this character to life on the big screen and add the emotionally distressed layer that I think is needed.

4. Moon Knight

Moon Knight is certifiably crazy. He has multiple personality disorder and needs an actor that can channel all those emotions and project them powerfully, I think Norman Reedus can do that easily.

3. Lobo

Reedus is not the ideal build for the Lobo from the comics, but I see him being able to pull off the over the top persona and give fans a performance to remember from the long awaited fan favorite character.

2. Azreal (Jean-Paul Valley)

Here's another character with split-personality disorder. I have no idea if Azreal will ever be introduced into the DCEU, but if they do I think Norman Reedus would be a good choice. There were many fans who wanted Reedus to take the role of Batman before Ben Affleck was given the job. Azreal is a character that resembles Batman, and even took over for the Caped Crusader in the comics.

1. Cable

Cable will be around for Deadpool 2, and while Reedus does not have the grey hair or same build as the mutant from the future does, Reedus does have the personality and bravado down perfectly. Norman Reedus would be able to counter any quip that Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool can throw at him, as well as be able to throw it back at him.

I feel like there will be a lot of hate for this pick because Reedus is not the ideal look or age (47) for this character, but I feel like Fox is not going to copy and paste the Cable that fans know straight out of the comics. I think we will get a different kind of Cable and I think Norman Reedus could do the job better than anyone. I am talking about pure acting ability and fit for the role. I couldn't care less about his age or build; they can make him look older if needed and Cable's build is unrealistic for any actor without CGI.

What do you guys think? Do you have any other ideas for who Norman Reedus could play in a superhero movie? Let me know what you think in the comments and thank you for reading!


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