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Batman v Superman is one of the most anticipated superheroes movie ever and its release date is just around the corner. Yesterday, [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)'s first premiere was held in Mexico, so a lot of people had already watched the movie. As Ben Affleck tweeted:

After this premier, some IMDB users (who claim they have watched the movie) posted their reviews on Batman v Superman's IMDB page. So, these are not official critics reviews.

* These reviews may contain spoilers.

Here's what they say about the movie:

1. The best superhero movie of all time.

One reviewer said that:,

He saw BvS at an early screening, and it was easily the best superhero movie of all time, even better than "The Dark Knight." As he said "he went into the theater with already really high expectations, and the movie was even better than he expected". He added, "the movie is pretty dark. It's darker than the Nolan trilogy, so that should give you a pretty good taste of what's to come. There are a few jokes here and there. Ben Affleck's performance as Batman was AMAZING. The best Batman yet. This one can actually fight, unlike Keaton's Batman who relied nearly solely on gadgets, and Bale's Batman whose fighting looked really dumb. For real, though, Affleck needs to win an Oscar for Best Actor. Eisenberg's performance as Lex Luthor was brilliant. Cavill's performance as Superman was pretty much the same as his performance in Man of Steel. His performance as Clark Kent was very accurate to the comics. Every other member of the cast did great, too, but those were the performances that stood out (Irons was great as Alfred, too)".

He further explained,"The movie is ACTION PACKED. The fight between Batman and Superman was amazing. The way the fight was choreographed was beyond anything we've ever seen before. It's any fanboy's dream come true. As for the length of the fight: The true fight is longer than the Hulkbuster vs. Hulk battle in "Avengers: Age of Ultron." The reason I say TRUE fight is because there are technically two fights (sort of). One is a Batmobile chase (the end of it was the "Do You Bleed?" scene we saw featured in Conan), and the other one is the Dark Knight Returns-reminiscent fight (yeah, the one where Batman fights Superman in the armor). I'm not going to spoil who wins, but they both throw some pretty devastating punches at one another".

His thoughts on Wonder women: "In the middle of writing this review, I forgot to mention Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. I was a little worried about the accent, but she managed to hide it so that she gave us the Wonder Woman performance we've all been waiting for. She was pretty damn good (not as good as Eisenberg or Affleck, but good)".

His final verdict:" The visuals look amazing (except for one particular scene, where the CGI looked like trash). Overall, definitely a 10/10 film."

2. Although it's a great movie, don't go to the cinema with crazy expectations.

Here are another reviewers thoughts about the movie:

"Definitely a step-up from Man of Steel. First of all, I was a bit skeptical about this movie, and thought the runtime (about 2 and a half hours) was way too long (and I wasn't completely wrong though). The action scenes were better than what we saw in the trailer. Although there was one scene where the CGI was terrible (you'll know it when you'll see it), but overall I was happy. The movie had a lot crazy-packed action (it was directed by Zack Snyder, what do ya expect?) and the plot knew where it was going. A lot of scenes were a treat for me to see and I got goosebumps watching them. There was more to Jesse Eisenberg than what I saw (and hated, like most people) in the trailer. I made a bet to my friend that he'll suck in the movie, guess I'll have to pay up. He really WAS good. But just like any other movie, it's not perfect and has flaws. You can see that Zack tried hard very hard to fit everything nicely into the movie, but over stuffing was bound to happen (Don't worry, wasn't as stuffed as AoU was) Other than that, I think there are some extreme fan-boys/haters who'll never be satisfied no matter how good the movie is. "

3. A complete package.

This reviewer titled the movie "EPIC". As he shared his experience:

"Boy oh Boy....this was a great experience....I have to say after Man of Steel (which was okay but by no means great), I didn't have much expectations from this, and to top it off the castings for this film had set the comic book fans on fire. But tell you what, this is epic. Some people are even calling it better than the Dark Knight, while I wouldn't go that far, I would still call this a complete package. Affleck's Batman is AMAZING. His Bruce Wayne is not as cool and casual as Christian Bale's but he doesn't need to considering this is a relatively old Batman who has seen some very dark times. His partnership with Jeremy Irons adds some much needed lightness to the movie. Cavill delivered the dialogues during the fight scene with Batman in a near perfect way. Gal Gadot had a much bigger role to play than seen in the trailers. And Jesse was good in a complex way. Fans have to understand that his Luthor is not muscular as compared to what we have seen in previous Superman movies His Luthor is an evil genius who does a great job of pitting the two giants against each other. Jesse played the role to his strengths as he should have. Contrary to the popular perception(especially after the third trailer) that the whole movie was spoil-ed, the plot was way more deeper than we imagined. The only issues were a fight scene where CGI looked dull and maybe, just maybe a bit over stuffing. But overall, this is EPIC."

4. What Man of Steel should have been.

This reviewer provides a brief comparison between Man of Steel & BvS. He shared his thoughts as:

"The dullness captured in Man of Steel is no longer present in this film (thank god), making it somewhat 'easier' to watch. The films pacing is a lot faster, somewhat like the new Star Wars, giving narrative transitions which flow and keeps the audiences attention. It retains the dark/negative theme of previous DC films, driving the story with stronger scenes. It's very hard to like the the two protagonists, as they're strong, but very individual minded -- making it somewhat hard to empathize with them. Acting wise, it's hard to compare Ben Affleck with any other Batman, as he's a lot more unique in the way he actually has character, and isn't as black and white as previous versions. As the title indicates, this is very much a Batman and Superman film, thus it felt like the other hero's such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman were just there as gimmick's, not progressing the film at all. Lastly, the ending was just fine... In a way it makes sense, but it wasn't a punchy or emotional ending you'd expect at the end of a DC film".

5. A much greater improvement on MOS 5X better.

6. The greatest and best movie superhero of the story.

You can read all these reviews in detail at here.

We will have a better idea about the movie after today's premiere in Los Angeles, as critics will write their opinion about the movie.


Whose opinion do you think matters the most for a movie?


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