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Or more specifically, the pictures on the wall.

Who else out there is majorly bothered by those things? I'm not talking about the heads bashed in and brains splattered everywhere...that's kinda cool.

No, I'm referring to everything else...the timing of when they were found and who found them, the dude who they're hanging above, and just why they're there.

First, the dude and why they're there

My first thought was, is this guy Negan's brother or something?

But he really doesn't look too much like Negan in the show or in the comics:

He even looks like an entirely different nationality. But who is he then? Negan doesn't look like the kind of guy who has a professional photographer handy, especially since the only thing anyone has handy anymore is a Polaroid. I mean, sure, he's vain, arrogant, and pretty much every other thing that makes a psycho a psycho. But apparently he and/or the guy who Glenn eyeball-stakes are pretty messed up, taking pictures of their victims like that.

I'm going to guess and say the picture collecting psycho is pretty close buddies with the bat wielding psycho. And the fact that Glenn killed him (even only Heath and Glenn know he killed THAT specific weirdo), may just come into play in the season finale.

Second, the timing

Isn't it weird that that guy led them to that compound of Negan's, where Negan WASN'T at, but a guy with a whole bunch of Lucillevenirs hanging on the wall? It all seems too much like a trap or a setup.

You don't suppose one of these cars from 'Not Tomorrow Yet'

Was the same vehicle that mysteriously appeared right before Daryl smoked those Saviors in 'No Way Out' do you?

Oh, the things that make you go


I really don't think we've heard the last about those pictures or the guy who thinks they make great bedroom wall art!


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