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"A Walk In The Woods" is directed by Ken Kwapis and stars Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, Emma Thompson, Mary Steenburgen, Kristen Schaal, and Nick Offerman. The story follows Redford's and Nolte's characters as they attempt to trek the Appalachian trail, all 2118 miles! It is a sweet tale, one with more mature language and dialog, so it isn't really suitable for the smaller kiddies if these things bother you. Based on the bestseller by the same name, "A Walk In The Woods" is a drama with some light-hearted humor similar to "On Golden Pond".

The blu-ray makes a nice addition for fans of Redford or Nolte considering both give strong, entertaining, and humorous performances. Their styles are very different but match up in this story beautifully. The humor is more dry wit, with some physical Comedy that fills in the more serious and straight moments. The real star, and the cast would agree, is the Appalachian trail itself. " A Walk In The Woods" gives good scenery and background!

The special features aren't that great on this one, but what you do get is some nice interactive moments dealing with hiking the trail, some very sweet and entertaining outtakes, and a deeper admiration for the story thanks to crew and cast interviews. There are a total of 8 special feature portals with a notable standout being the music feature that explores the soundtrack and score for the film.

"A Walk In The Woods" isn't my normal genres but it is a sweet, enduring comedic drama with some of Hollywood's most iconic actors. Plus the Appalachian trail is shot in some of the most spectacular cinematography! If you love Robert Redford, or Nick Nolte and really enjoy good performances filled with melodrama, great writing, and humor that is heart-warming then "A Walk In The Woods" is a great one to check out.


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