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Several Reasons On Why the Fantastic Four need to be in the Marvels Infinity Wars Part 1 & 2.

Marvel's Infinity War Part 1 & 2 is the culminating and epic conclusion to it's awesome, continuously, expanding movie universe. A lot of people are waiting for Civil War and already asking questions on how the expanding story will progress into infinity Wars.

It's my understanding that stories can progress in many different ways including; Adding characters that fit the parameters and scope of the project. I did some hero research and the Fantastic Four group has always been an instrumental force in helping other hero's defeat devastating threats in comic book history. We know that Fox hasn't had much success in reviving the franchise, so why not give the franchise back to it original home for a superhero trade or some much needed studio profit?.

The Fantastic Four have many diverse powers in the group that can be of much aid in the battle to other groups of hero's like the: The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus the Fantastic Four did get their powers in space and a lot their story-lines and villains came from beyond/space. The Fantastic Four also house one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel universe in the person of Reed Richards. He could very well be an intricate part in helping Tony Stark and Bruce Banner understand forces in the galaxy realm.

The last reason is that the Fantastic four have a relationship with the cosmic being the Silver Surfer, who also featured in the Infinity War comic book story line. The other person who I was going to write about and thought should be Infinity Wars is Adam warlock. I thought this because if you watch Guardians of the Galaxy 1, you see Warlock's cocoon for a moment. That kind of cameo does raise eyebrows to what specific character will make debut in the future but. I read a article from movie pilot author @JonMoncada, and his article explained a theory on why Vision is both Adam Warlock and Dr. Strange, heres the link ( if you would like to read it. Please Comment about this article so we can have a discussion, Thank you.


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