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So Sony is bringing back the Venom spin-off from developmental hell and many hope it stays there since it would be without our favorite friendly neighborhood wall crawler. Venom in my opinion is one of the best villains in all of comics so it make somewhat sense why a company who is money hungry would want to make a film using the character. The movie is rumored to have Dante Harper (Edge of Tomorrow) as its screenwriter and Josh Trank (Chronicle and Fantastic Four) as its director but they promise no Topher Grace.

I truly hope a Sony executive stumbles upon this article on the internet and listens to a fan for once and not another executive. So first off I would like you to watch a short film directed by Adi Shankar that shows the character of Eddie Brock/Venom in all its glory.

Adi Shankar's brilliant short film shows in just 17 minutes why a Venom movie could work. Josh Trank shouldn't be sitting in the directorial chair when in his last film he treated actors like garbage , had fights with his actors and came to work wasted.

Who should direct and write the movie ?

Drew Goddard should be the director and screen writer for the Venom Spin-off.Drew Goddard wrote Cloverfield, wrote and directed Cabin in the Woods , World War Z and not mentioning writing the Martian for the big screen since he adapted from the book so we know hes good at translating source material. Drew Goddard wrote episodes for shows like Buffy,Angel,Lost and he wrote the first two episodes of Daredevil season one.Plus Sony already had Drew Goddard on their radar to direct the now in developmental hell Sinister Six film. Drew Goddard would write and direct the Venom movie we want to see not the one were forced to see because its called Venom.

Who should play Eddie Brock/Venom?

Well definitely not Topher Grace , I think it should be a pretty well known actor since it can get the mainstream audience enticed to watch it and please don't get turned off by my casting ideas because there just ideas.

Liam Hemsworth is my first choice since he's already known by the public eye as being in all the Hunger Games films and being Thor's not so evil little brother.Liam has the look and the build to play Eddie Brock. As far as his acting chops go I'm not sure if he can pull it off since I haven't seen all his films to truly be the judge of his range.I would be confident though to having him play the lead since he's done a few times and his brother could give him advice on how to headline a Marvel film.

The other choices of mine in no kind of order are Aaron Paul ,Jensen Ackles,Taron Egerton , and Topher Grace.... No to the last one but but my reasons for the other three not being my number one pick is because of there height , build , and ability to headline a movie which Egerton can but can he pull off the Eddie Brock look I don't think so.

Who should play the Villain ?

If I was writing the movie and I was told I couldn't use Spider-man at all it kind of already puts me a position to fail but if I'm given the permission to loosely connect Spidey by either name drop or mention that we are in the same universe like how the Netflix shows do with mentioning the MCU it could work. I'll go back to the whole issue of not being able to use Spider-man and the reason I brought it up its because it matters when giving Eddie Brock a reason to turn into the psychotic out - control freak villain he is.

If I had to think of a villain to use as someone Venom could track down , learn from ,get beat up and then at beat up it but then get beat up mentally it would have to be Carnage.The movie was originally going to be titled Venom Carnage which is a terrible name in my opinion. Cletus Kasady could meet Eddie Brock in jail since there cell-mates in the comics and there this being 30 minutes into the film or after Brock's origin we meet someone who is actually insane.Kasady is serial killer and is similar to a rabid dog. Kasady is a psychopath while Eddie is sort of misunderstood and pushed by society to be turn bad while Kasady born evil.The symbiote should leave Eddie and join Kasady then Eddie should escape prision while Carnage is going on a rampage breaking out. Cut to Kasady thanking Eddie since Carnage symbiote is the offspring to the Venom symbiote and Kasady wants to work to together to rule the city that ruined his life but Brock does want help from him causing the rivalry.If I couldnt even name drop or show pictures of Spider-man the true villains of the movie should be the Sony execs not trying to cut a deal with Marvel or just simply beg to use Tom Holland in some way to make this movie work.

Now who should play Carnage ? My first pick will defiantly be Jake Gyllenhaal since he has all the action chops in the world and if you don't think he can pull of a psychopath serial killer than just watch the film Nightcrawler. Now the issue with casting Gyllenhaal is he would be the lead if he's playing the villain so maybe he wouldn't do it so my next picks again in so specific order are Boyd Holbrook ,Michael C Hall ,Domhnall Gleeson and again Aaron Paul.Boyd has the look , Hall has the acting chops but might be too old ,Gleeson is probably the best fit and Aaron Paul has proven time and time again hes good at playing crazy.

Should Venom be giving a love interest ?

I think so you need characters to help bring life and emotion to a story.You should have to main women in the film the first be Brock's wife who divorces him for getting fired from the Bugle. I think you should use a past love interest of Spider-man and give it Venom for the sake of story - borrowing. Now if the Marvel movies have casted there Betty Brant then I just rename her and make her a chain-smoking secretary beauty who at first looks down upon Eddie and slowly grows to feel sorry for him and then starts to like him. Who would I cast as this mysterious , arrogant ,uptight and beautiful secretary my first pick would Zoe Kravitz because I can picture sitting in a desk smoking a cigarette and not answering to anyone who isn't her boss.My next picks would be Amber Heard or Jane Levy because both can play the mysterious pretty that I want the character to be like.

Whats the genre of the film going to be ?

Hopefully Sony doesn't go super hero / summer action movie because I think this opportunity to do the first psychological thriller that is using a super hero property. Eddie Brock is damaged , misunderstood , arrogant , obnoxious and when he becomes Venom hes being taken control by a alien symbiote that is using Eddie Brock hatred as vehicle for chaos.Eddie is losing control of his sanity and then he is up against the person he doesn't want to become which is Cletus Kasady aka Carnage.

Soooooo does Spider-man need to be in the film ?

Yes...... He can't just not be used at all because you can't have Eddie Brock without Peter Parker because Eddie is the guy who jealous of everyone loving Peter Parker and of everyone paying to Spider-man without those two elements you lose a lot if not all of the hatred the character is supposed to have. You have to at least name drop or show pictures to connect the character if you can't make a cameo or have Peter Parker / Spider-Man play a significant or minor role which are in opinion the two best ways to make the perfect Venom film.If Sony was allowed to use Tom Holland MCU Peter Parker/Spiderman which they probably are because I can't Sony making a movie about a Spider man character without Spider man then the sequel could have Spidey team up with Venom to take down Carnage in a Maxium Carnage film that could be done better that the comic book version.

That's how I would make the Venom movie work and I hoped you enjoyed the read.


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