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SPOILER WARNING FOR SERIES 2 EPISODE 15 OF THE FLASH (but then again you've had plenty of time to watch it)

With the Flash returning to our screens in just a few short days, I thought that I'd throw my hat in the ring of fan theories. And with the latest episode set to give us nearly no answers about what happened last episode, I thought I should share an interesting idea.

At the end of the last episode, after the death of Jay Garrick, Zoom removed his mask to reveal that he shares the face of the recently deceased. This one scene ed to an outpouring of fans suggesting that Jay Garrick, Zoom and the Man in the Iron Mask were all one and the same (and by that logic, Teddy Sears must be getting paid quite a lot).

But I digress, while scouring over the internet like a child with a magnifying glass on an ant hill, I stumbled upon quite an interesting idea.

What if Jay was a clone?

Now I know most of you are probably thinking "I've heard this one somewhere before" but I think I have a good theory as to how this all fits together with what we know.

I had a theory that Jay was Flash's Rival....
I had a theory that Jay was Flash's Rival....

And to be honest, it has nothing to do with Jay Garrick, but rather Barry Allen.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue, in all his blue-winged glory
Cobalt Blue, in all his blue-winged glory

In the comics, Barry Allen was revealed to be a twin. On the night he was born, the doctor gave his twin to another family in order to cover up he had accidentally killed their baby. Barry, ended up staying with his parents, while his twin, now called Malcolm, was given to his new adoptive family; the Thawnes.

As it turns out, despite a long (future) standing history of Thawne family speedsters, the Thawnes also have another ability to call forth; the Blue Flame. The Thawne family were a family of con men and used the Blue Flame to their advantage, making their hustles easier by default. Malcom, not being part of the Thawne bloodline, could not access it like his family could, so his grandmother gave him a talisman to access it.

To cut a very long story short, Malcolm discovered he and Barry were twins and grew jealous, deciding to use the Blue Flame to take revenge on Barry and his life. He discovered he could use the flame to stela as speedsters speed powers and fashioned himself into Cobalt Blue.


I think, despite what we've seen, and everything we know...


But I also have an idea that uses the Cobalt Blue symptoms even more.

I believe that, on Earth 2, Jay and Hunter fell to the fate that became of Barry and Malcolm in the comics. Hunter was given to the Zolomans and Jay stayed with the Garricks. For most of their lives, they lived separate, yet similar tales. Both became scientists and both, eventually became speedsters.

However, what separates them is the emergence and reaction times. I believe that Hunter's powers came second. An indeterminate amount of time after the Earth 2 accelerator accident, Hunter saw Jay as the Flash, and noticed their similarities, researched his family tree and discovered who he really was. This triggered his abilities.

Now, as I'm typing this, I'm thinking that maybe his power was similar to that of the Blue Flame (namely power stealing). However, for the sake of flow, Hunter became a speedster.

Anyway, Hunter studies Jay, learning new abilities like how to throw lightning, phasing and other such powers. He constructs himself a suit, a parallel to Jay's face revealing costume, and becomes Zoom. After a while, he comes to the idea that he and Jay can't both be the fastest man alive and decides to steal his speed.

So to cut an already very long story (sorry) short, Zoom manages to capture Jay, steal his speed and lock him away, putting the iron mask on him.

But what about the Clone, don't lie to us!

In the amount of time that Zoom has after catching Jay, he takes up his role for a short while, allowing his clone of Jay to take the role so Hunter can return to being Zoom. The only problem; the clone, while an exact copy of Jay, is ill-equipped in the ways of the speed force. Zoom, being the guy he is, steals Velocity serum from Star Labs and uses it to control his clone, systematically creating a controllable version of his nemesis.

But why is Real Jay in a metal mask? It works as a memory relay, allowing the Clone to have Jay's memories while silencing Jay all together. Through this, Hunter now has The Flash under his control.

SO, to skip along, Breaches open up, and Jay gets pulled through one... or does He?

I believe that Zoom planned to have the Clone go through the breach in order to scope out Earth 1 so Zoom could amass more control. So, Zoom sends in the Clone, who without the Velocity drug, is powerless. The Clone then spends 6 months learning about Earth 1 and reports to Zoom about Barry Allen. Zoom then sends in Atom Smasher to test Barry's abilities, which the Clone reports back, before appearing at Star Labs and declaring himself as Jay Garrick.

Fast forward and Caitlyn is looking for Jay's Earth 1 doppleganger to heal Jay due to the loss of his speed. As part of his reconnaissance, Jay discovers that Jay and Hunter were twins on Earth 1 too, only Jay and Hunter's mother died during childbirth and Hunter was given up for adoption.

Later on, Harry Wells creates Velocity 6, which the Clone 'remembers' and therefore detests. When Caitlyn starts developing Velocity 7, 8 and 9, he gives it taste and discovers it works longer than Velocity 6.

And thus, he signed his own death warrant.

With Clone Jay living it up on Earth 1, falling in love with Caitlyn and slowly getting his speed back, Zoom is backed up against a wall, so to speak. Therefore, he shoves his hand through the Clones chest, killing him, because if he gained his speed outside of Zoom's control, it'd be like having a second Jay Garrick running around. Which is why Zoom calls the whole thing a "complication"; his Jay clone almost screwed up his plans, is now dead and he now has no way back to Earth 1.

So, in summary, Jay and Zoom are twins, the Jay we know is a clone, it's all a lie and the government is bees.


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