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Everyone grew up watching Disney movies, there's no doubt about it. While we all enjoyed watching them in our childhood, seeing them as an adult is even better. You start to notice all the mature jokes and cheeky innuendos that went way over our heads as a child, but make us roar with laughter as a grown-up, which can lead to an awkward conversation if a child asks why you're laughing at a joke about overcompensating (looking at you, Shrek).

All of this happened to me during my recent visit to the cinema with my five-year-old nephew to watch Disney's latest movie Zootopia. The movie's humor was like any other Disney movie, with the perfect blend of kid and adult banter to make both target audiences laugh. There were a few rabbit-mating jokes that had several audience members laughing, but it wasn't until a certain TV series was referenced that the adults truly roared in a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

The TV series that Zootopia referenced? Breaking Bad.

Yes, I am not joking. This lighthearted children's animated comedy made a joke regarding an R-rated TV drama about meth. It was hilarious and frankly surprising. At the most, you expect maybe a sly sex joke, but never one about crystal meth!

WARNING: Slight Spoilers For 'Zootopia' Ahead

During the scene in question, a ram is on the phone to his boss about this "drug" they are giving to predators to make them go insane. Before he hangs up the phone, he says, "Walter and Jesse are back."

The two main characters from Breaking Bad get name-dropped during a Disney movie. This actually happened! What makes it even better is that the "drug" they are manufacturing is blue, just like Walter's meth! Oh, and the ram is in a hazmat suit!

I myself, along with several other adults in the cinema, could not stop laughing. My nephew looked at me puzzled and I simply explained to him they are from a show I watch. Sad thing is that my nephew will have a shock when he grows up to realize Breaking Bad isn't based on rogue ram and sheep, but I'm sure he will forgive me.

Could this be the best adult joke in a children's movie? Let's take a look back at some of the best!

'Shrek' — Compensating

Probably the first joke people think of when this topic is brought up. When Shrek and Donkey first lay their eyes upon Lord Farquaad's gigantic castle, Shrek asks Donkey:

"Do you think maybe he's compensating for something?"

Sure, as a kid, if you knew what compensating meant, you would think Shrek is talking about his height. As an adult, we clearly know he isn't meaning his height, but rather, his length! And girth.

'Toy Story 2' — Buzz Lightyear Gets An Erection

Yeah, I'm not kidding, this actually happened. During the scene in question, Jessie shows off her athletic talents around Andy's room. Buzz, clearly impressed by her athleticism and beauty, shoots his wings out in excitement.
As a kid, this didn't seem out of place at all. Before I first realized that this was a penis joke, I genuinely thought he put his wings out to get ready to show her up. Oh my poor, sweet, innocent mind.

'Madagascar' — Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Now this is actually one of the first adult jokes I realized as a kid. I remember watching this and laughing because it was so random (and because anything said by Chris Rock playing a zebra is hilarious). But when I watched it a second time, I noticed how out of place it was, and then the first letter of each word dawned on me.
Can you imagine the shock when I realized a zebra just swore at a lion? It was traumatizing.

There are so many more penis jokes, covered-up swear words and ill-timed sex jokes in children's movies and TV shows that I could sit here all day and list them, but that's a topic for another time. Do you have a favorite hidden joke that I have missed out on? Be sure to comment and I'll get back to you!


What joke shocked you the most?


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