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AMC aired the fourteenth episode of Season 6 of their hit show, The Walking Dead, on Sunday, March 20th, 2016. It was titled "Twice As Far" and everything that happened withing the 60 minutes was unpredictable.

This episode really showed us as viewers that anything can be possible. This episode was full of twists at every corner. We said goodbye to a certain character, said hello to Daryl's crossbow, and said welcome back to Dwight.

We saw many parallels to the comics in this episode

This episode featured a few events from the comic books, and it showed us Dwight with "his" crossbow. First off, In the comics, Negan burns off the left side of Dwight's face, and in this episode, not only did we see that of Dwight, but Dwight had a crossbow, which is his weapon of choice in the comics. In Issue 98 of the comics, Dwight shoots Abraham in the head with his crossbow, but in the show, instead of it being Abraham, it was Denise. I personally loved seeing that scene come to life this episode. Also in Issue 98 of the comics, Eugene bit Dwight in the crotch, which was also repeated amazingly in the show. Unlike the comics, where Eugene does it to get away from Dwight, whereas in the show, he does it to create a distraction for Abraham, Daryl, and Rosita.

Denise: Was it the right time?

In this episode, we really got to see more of Denise then we've seen before. She really stepped up and showed us that she had the brains to survive. She took risks for the group that could've killed her. I feel that she could have stayed around longer, and could've ended up being a strong survivor, like we've seen many other characters on the show evolve into.

What this episode shows about Negan and The Saviors

In "Twice As Far", we saw Dwight again, along with around 10 other saviors kidnap Eugene, kill Denise, and nearly kill Daryl, Rosita, and Abraham. Watching the episode, I noticed that they are very sneaking, coming into attack and killing Denise without making a sound. So this showed me that with The Saviors, no one is safe.

Eugene: Can he finally be considered a survivor?

This episode, we saw a lot of Eugene. I feel like Eugene really stepped up in this episode and has shown us, as viewers, that he isn't as useless as he seems. Eugene had led Abraham to a building in which he now wishes to make bullets for the residents of Alexandria and The Hilltop communities. In this episode, Eugene says "I'm a survivor" to Abraham, who still thinks he has no use in this world. Eugene would end up saving Abraham, Rosita, and Daryl from Dwight and The Saviors, taking a bullet in the process, and proving to us that he can indeed survive in this new world.

Carol: Should we be worried?

Unlike last week, we didn't get to see much of Carol in this past episode. We saw a quick scene of her kissing Tobin in the beginning. That was all we saw of her until the end of the episode. Many viewers have noticed that Carol is becoming more and more self-aware, noticing how much of a threat she truly is, and that's wearing her down. At the end of the episode, we saw she left Tobin a letter, saying she left Alexandria and that they shouldn't look for her.

We had a similar situation back in Season Four, when Rick banished Carol from the prison for killing Karen and David. However, ten episodes later, Carol returned, and she was more badass then ever.

I believe we have not seen the last of Carol, and I believe we will be seeing her very soon. Leading me to believe that is the fact that recently, Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, had an interview in which she said she couldn't speak after reading the script for the season finale (two weeks away!!!). Why else would she have the season finale script if we will no longer see her?

What impact will this episode have on future episodes?

This episode added to the Saviors death toll of 6B, putting us at around 45 Saviors dying, which Negan sure won't be happy about, leading me to believe the death in the season finale will be brutal. This episode left Alexandria without a doctor, which could potentially effect the story in major ways.

My thoughts on "Twice As Far"

In my opinion, this episode was great. The first half was kind of slow, but the second half of the episode definitely made up for that. With the surprising death of Denise, along with the fact that the season finale is right around the corner, all viewers should expect the unexpected. Overall, I would rate this episode and 8 out of 10.

Be sure to watch the next episode of "The Walking Dead", titled "East" airing at 9/8c, next Sunday, March 27th, on AMC.


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