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Part of what makes Blizzard Entertainment so successful is the vast lore they conjure up that backs each and every one of their games. It's one of their defining traits as a company.

For their latest game, Overwatch—a team-based first person shooter—Blizzard is putting together a series of animated short films that'll give fans deeper insight into the characters that make up the game's diverse roster of unique heroes. The first one in this series, titled "Recall", details the story of the hero Winston, a genetically engineered gorilla and a brilliant scientist.

Finished watching? Sweet, let's discuss! My first thought after watching "Recall" was that, despite knowing there are going to be more of these animated Overwatch shorts in the future, Blizzard should seriously consider forming an off-shoot of their company focused solely on producing feature length animated content. I think this short film was just that good.

I don't know the exact logistics of getting something like that off the ground (for sure it'd cost a lot of money), but the creative hive over at Blizzard is comprised of some really amazing storytellers and I personally would want nothing more than to see those talented individuals work their magic at a Pixar-esque film studio, owned and operated by Blizzard.

And with millions upon millions of individuals around the world playing their games everyday, it kind of makes sense. There's already a significantly sized, built-in fanbase that would undoubtedly support anything a Blizzard-based animation film studio would produce.

Just think of all the amazing narratives they could tell through animated movies for not only the Overwatch franchise, but their other popular IPs as well. I'd be one of the first to throw money at the box office each time Blizzard would make a feature length CG film, that's for sure. If you haven't seen it, the Cinematic Trailer for Overwatch is basically a proof-of-concept that shows Blizzard has the chops to put together a movie studio. We can dream!

Hopes of Blizzard becoming Pixar aside, if you're itching for something to tide you over until the next Overwatch short is released, check out this teaser trailer that features some behind-the-scenes footage from "Recall", along with a sneak peak at a few other heroes that'll be showcased later in the series.

I can't wait for the next animated short film. But I'm hoping somehow, someway, Blizzard making animated movies (especially ones about Overwatch) becomes a reality. What about you?


Do you think Blizzard should make feature length animated films?

Overwatch is set to be released on May 24th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can pre-order now to gain early access to the open beta.


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