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Not sure why it took me so long to come up with this flippin' fun little idea, but it's one of those where you're thinking as you type and your fingers just can't keep up with your thoughts. But they're trying!

At first I thought, why not try it the other way around? Cast The Walking Dead with Once Upon A Time gals and guys. But do you really see Prince Charming surviving the zompocalypse? IIIII don't think so.

Let's give this a shot and see how many fans of two shows I can tick off, instead of just one at a time (see what I almost did there? Once upon a time. One at a time? Blech).

Prince Charming And Snow White

Daryl And Carol

I really don't think I have any other choice in the matter here, after all this Carol/Tobin nonsense and the riot-starting thought that Daryl might get the ax (or bat) in the finale. Plus, we all know that they BELONG together. The only thing is, there's the same issue I had with Rick and Michonne being Prince Charming and Snow White. Michonne carries the sword, but so does the prince. Daryl shoots the arrows here, but Snow White does in OUAT. But I have other plans for Richonne. Ohhhh, yes I do.


The Governor

I'd choose Negan, but he hasn't been introduced as of this article's writing. I have other plans for him, too. But hey, you got the eye patch already, so he's a perfect pirate!

Plus, there's this...


Besides, Hook is a little too goody-goody for me in OUAT, even with The Darkness arc they just (maybe) wrapped up. Hook should be a bad, bad man. As for the hook on his hand, I would have chosen Merle:

But, I dunno — a redneck pirate?

The Redneck Pirates. Sounds like a really bad country band.


Negan! HELL, YES!

Yeah, it was kind of a bad joke.

The bringer of death; the killer of stuff and things. It's looking like Negan is going to scare satan himself, what with all the hype, so why not put him on par with the devil?

Henry Mills

Sorry, it was the scurriest pic i could find of him
Sorry, it was the scurriest pic i could find of him

Carl Grimes

I'm probably only picking Carl because Judith is too young to run something like Operation Firefox Bird. Plus, all the other adolescent boys in TWD have become walker food, sooooo yep, sorry Carl. You got the part.



The main reason I started writing this whole recasting thing was the vision (is that too strong of a word?) of Michonne in her hood at a totally random point today sometime.

I know what you're thinking. You're jealous of my visions. Don't be!

And I don't know if I really want to see Michonne wearing some of the outfits Ruby wears on OUAT well maybe I kinda do — but yeah, the hood did it for me.

Little Red Riding Michonne — Arooooo!

Emma Swan

Hey, Rick! Try to look like me.
Hey, Rick! Try to look like me.

Rick Grimes

Nailed it!
Nailed it!

Who else can be our savior!

I guess I could have picked Maggie to be Emma, because you know, Emma keeps losing the people she loves, especially boyfriends. And, well, Glenn might yet play some baseball with Negan, so that's another thing. But I have to put Rick somewhere! Plus, Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold is just too damn goofy to have Andrew Lincoln playing him. Can you see Rick prancing around with face glitter, giggling like a leprechaun?


Me neither!

That leaves us with...

The Evil Queen

Recasting the queen as the king, we have...

The moment he TURNSSSSSSSssssssssss...
The moment he TURNSSSSSSSssssssssss...


WHAT??? You must be thinking. Well, Regina was super bad at the beginning, now she's pretty darn good. Glenn? Super good up until last week's savior slaughter fest, so he would be heading right for the darkness, or dark side — dark room? Whatever they call it on OUAT.



You know how up there at the top I said my fingers were having trouble keeping up with my thoughts? Well, it seems my thoughts ran out of gas. And now that I'm fresh out of ideas for recasting roles, this is starting to get ugly!

Anybody out there want to take over from here? Maybe you have some better ideas for the last two... :)


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