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Mockingbird is a five issue miniseries starring the eponymous Agent 19, AKA Bobbi Morose. Chelsea Cain takes this fan favorite Agent of Shield and pieces together an engaging, and hilarious, story that is great for new fans as well as old! I think issue one is best described in Ms. Cain’s own words:

“You might have some questions. Because, what the heck? None of that made any sense at all. Or did it? Do black holes make sense? Do cats make sense? Does Joan Crawford make sense? No. But these things are still awesome.”

Let me start my review by admitting my total lack of knowledge pertaining to Mockingbird. I know her character as it’s portrayed in the Agents of Shield show, but I have little to no experience with her in book. That said, just the opening summary page has me intrigued. Bobbi has taken both the Super Soldier serum and the Infinity Formula?? So she’s Cap and Nick Fury in a Black Window body. That’s freaking intense just thinking about it.

The Good:

• New Reader Friendly

I’m enjoying the background information for the character. I hope it’s not tedious for fans of the character, but I’m giving it a thumbs up. Fellow readers that are new to Mockingbird should have no trouble getting into this issue and continuing with the series.

• Humor

“Omg, she has a sarcasm chart! LMAO” – Me

That honestly should tell you all you need to know about comedic style of this comic. Biting sarcasm and utter randomness practically ooze from the pages. Barely into the issue I was chuckling at:

“If you could live forever but had to have a colonoscopy every week for the rest of your life, would you do it?”

And it only gets better from there.

• Art Style

The art here is really vibrant and feels pretty cartoony. Which meshes really well with the humor employed, perhaps even making some of the punchlines possible. It’s hard not to smile with such bright warm colors and Bobbi’s peppy comebacks.

The Bad:

While trying to keep the issue friendly for new readers, I feel they sacrificed too much in terms of character development, engaging dialogue beyond snappy comebacks, and plot depth. It’s a really shallow, albeit fun, jaunt through Bobbi’s hatred of visiting the doctor.

The Verdict: 3.5/5*

If you’re looking for a fun distraction to kill some time, Mockingbird is your girl. Her sarcasm is great, the warm colors are vibrant and pleasing to the eye, and there’s not much in the way of pesky complicated plot. It’s good for a few good laughs, and there’s really nothing wrong with that.


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