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As the name suggests.

It's just my opinions, and maybe Just only me.

And I have to appreciate Rick Riordan. You helped my inexplicable way of thinking.

This article is sorely biased and negative about BvS while I have my own point, feel free to misjudge it as another DC vs Marvel battle if you're so terribly shortsighted.

The following are the reasons why they're the contradistinction (not the homologous counterpart) of each other, and you must not have in mind in case I'm right:

1. Nyx's children

Considering both of the films are dim and grave, Mother Night no doubt exerts influence on them, so did some of her prominent children.

While the only conspicuous discrepancy is, when Pandora open the jar, DoFP believed Elpis(hope) is with you even she can't be seen. Just she or one of her sister Sophrosyne (Self-control, restraint, discretion), Eleos (Mercy, pity, compassion) or Philotes (Affection, friendship) has the ability to beat all of their dreadful siblings, Don't give up !

In contrast, BvS tie you to Akhlys(Misery; but her identity is disputable), Eris(strife), Oizys(distress), Lyssa(madness), and Furies(Vengeance) unlimitedly, bathing us in negative emotions as if this world wasn't miserable enough; that wasn't news that DC like to demoralize us.

DoFP also taught you to fearlessly and calmly face Thanatos whose sisters Fates weave him in eveyone's soul unfairly, just accepting it like Greeks.

BvS didn't taught you the philosophy of letting but chain you to the useless obsession with something destined and Hades won't resurrect them even you feed Furies with your resentment, worse yet including them...

2. Sons of War and Love

"...But at least you’ve faced it now. That’s the only way to conquer me."

Deimos(Terror) and Phobos (Fear) are also involved in the two film, so is their elder brother Cupid, whose silver arrow can excite loathing; while DoFP encouraged you to face the horror twins, and surpassing the arrow of hate however painful it's.

BvS tell you to run away cowardly, succumbing to them, following suit Orion remaining hatred.

3. Hecate favor DoFP, Janus/Clytius lead BvS

"Janus and his doorways. He would have you believe that all choices are black or white, yes or no, in or out. In fact, it’s not that simple. Whenever you reach the crossroads, there are always at least three ways to go … four, if you count going backwards."

It's clear, Raven, Charles and Eric walk in three different ways in the end. There is always another path, or there is no hope anymore, won't you agree?

On the other hand, Batman, conveniently, is the narrow-minded, weak-minded upshot, that's why I do not understand why Gaia would find any of these demigods worthy of sacrifice. I will crush them like empty nutshells; he had no idea when there're two more choices proceed from every direction, too afraid to see through the Mist, lacking the generous heart to the variousness.

4. DoFP is Damasen/Hestia, BvS is Ares

It's clear, the former is peace-loving, and the warlike latter, epsecially Zack Snyder, is "such a malicious old bird. Loves to watch us mortals squabble and kill each other." (thanks Sadie)

even the spiteful Rave exercised some restraint to prevent herself from the plight of dog-eat-dog like Eric. and it's Charles who knew who the real enemies were. We all know the peace is out of reach, while promoting violence and warfare doesn't help at all.

5. DoFP has Nemesis, BvS has Mimas

The moment Raven killed Trask, Fates decided the destiny of mutants' catastrophe, the the birth of sentinels was her comeuppance; while when she dropped the gun, the scales finally balanced, her ferocious sisters were foiled, they cut out for the ability Nemesis and Fates endowed Kitty. Most heroes cannot escape their nature, even when given a second chance at life, they proved what they're.

comparatively, BvS is......wishing I could depict. I don't know whether they modeled Lex Luther after DoFP's Quicksilver, but they have made DC's finest minds turn to mush; and they deprive all of brightsides of Superman, making Batman as timid and radical as Trask, that isn't the familiar Batman in our hearts, much like terrorist or extremist, ISIS, Taliban for example, for lame reason needless to debate; don't mention the awful Doomsday, screwing up our impressions drama off screen. As maps are misread. Devices break. Data is lost. Nothing goes right in their presence.

Conclusions. DoFP ended in Athena and Bellona, BvS ended in Nike and Orcus

the two different goddesses of war can reach peace in they want, and I'm sure they're so wise to know "We must love one another or die" and war isn't the solution, unity is power.

whereas, Batman and Superman may have their own respective reasons–They're too in their own way, so they see each other as threat as indulging in the rampant-running Victory's competitive vibes. whatever reason they conceive, they just desire declare a victor with her for emotional struggle finally, they have to be number one at everything, never turn down a challenge.

and they broke their principles, No kill, make them worse than their foes, resulting in considerable casualties just due to their own conceit, funk, antipathy and prejudice. I think the underworld god of eternal punishment and broken oaths has been in amuse customizing their penalties, such as starting with the heavy guilt in their lifetime.

And because I'm the one thought up this idea, I won't even download the piracy, so don't waste your breath to call me to take a look.


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