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[Spoiler warning for Season 6 and the Comics]

'Twice as Far' was another great episode of this season 6 of 'The Walking Dead' (no surprises here), but it also began the emotional roller coaster, we're sure to be on for the finale, with a 'b' character's death. There was also some comic plot development and twists (thank God for that) and it closed with note. Yes, a note.

Here are 5 things worth mentioning we've learned from this episode:

1. Bullets

Don't know when we're getting them, but we eventually will. As Eugene put it himself in his talk to 'Red' (loved it!), "a full cartridge is now the coin of the land" of the apocalypse, since they're hard to come by and they're also finite. Eugene, with Abraham's help, found the perfect venue to set his plan of manufacturing bullets in motion. As we know from the comics, this is something that actually helps somewhat in the near future, but it's also a place and an idea that switches hands eventually. I'm hoping that plays out on screen as well.

2. "Just beautiful"

We knew Dwight (the 'D' from episode 6.06) was bound to make his reappearance in the back end of this season, but I'm sure many of us were dreading it. I'm sorry to say, he didn't disappoint. He came heavily armed (Daryl's crossbow and all), a dozen Saviors on his tow and complete with his face half-ironed, to dispatch of a Survivor. Only, instead of Abraham getting an arrow through the eye, Denise did. (No doctor? It worries me a whole lot).

Point is, while he was making his not-so-welcomed introduction, he said Daryl and Rosita were to take him and his guys to Alexandria. Interestingly though, is the fact the Saviors already seem to know where it's at, for Dwight also said "it (Alexandria) looks like it's just beautiful in there". So, fair to say, somewhere between Rick's group attacking the Saviors' outpost and Carol and Maggie getting home, Negan's men found out where our Survivors were living and have been scouting it. Which brings me to our number 3...

3. It's game on for the Alexandrians

In the final sequence of the episode, we see the guns being pulled out of the armory, vehicles being brought up against the wall, the fallen tower being rebuilt and Morgan having second's thoughts about staying in Alexandria because of it. Our Survivors are clearly getting ready for war, and in this episode, Morgan finished his 'prison' as a means to "give them some choices next time". So maybe going hot into battle isn't what he has in mind and he'll choose to leave (and we get to see that 'Larger World' poster frame with him on a horse).

4. Carol's gone

No, she's not gone, gone. She just left.

She breaks things up with Tobyn on a note (seriously?) and tells him some reasons why she can't stay behind Alexandria's walls any longer.

"I can't love anyone, because I can't kill for anyone".

She concludes that another fight is coming to their doorsteps and, since she loves the people in Alexandria so much, she'll have to kill Saviors to defend them and she simply can't do that anymore. (Way to go, Morgan...) And so she leaves - apparently in the dead of night - for somewhere no one knows. She even urges people not to go looking for her, but of course they will (or I'm hoping they will based on the promo). Thing is, the way Morgan was looking to Carol's porch and taking note of her absence, I'm thinking he'll follow her (to mess with her mind some more...).

On a note: just remember that all the moral compasses on this show always die. Always.

5. "Maximum impact"

Yet something else said by Dwight (who, apart from Abe, had the best lines).

"Maximum impact to get our point across".

Once again - we heard something of the likes from Jesus at the Hilltop - we see how Negan's group likes to do their introductions. They kill someone from the group they're trying to 'own'. And if Dwight is right, considering how hard it is for our group of Survivors to clearly get Negan and what he represents, I'm afraid we might get to see more than one of our favorite characters being used to set the example.

As I mentioned before, Abe's death in the comics became Denise's on the show, so there's that habit the show-runners have always had of mixing things up to spice the series a bit and surprise the avid comic readers. So maybe we get to see someone other than you-know-who burying the hatchet in the finale. (hope not! Gimme a comic book death for ONCE!).


When Abraham said to Sasha "loose ends make me itch", on 'Always Accountable', I remember thinking how right he was. These loose ends - read: people you decide to mercifully not to execute and wipe from the face of the Earth - always come back and destroy a part of our group. And although some characters actually carry some guilty for not going through with what needed to be done, it's rare for us to see how much it actually affects one of them.

On this episode, I was darn glad to see Daryl coming to terms with the fact that killing is necessary and that you don't always get to be the good guy. I also loved the promise of death in his face-off with Dwight. I think they're setting us up to something pretty neat between those two on season 7 (if Daryl makes it out alive this season).

The penultimate episode of season 6 of 'The Walking Dead' is called 'East' and it airs on March 27 on AMC.


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