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Jack Tierney

*Warning, spoilers for tonight's episode of The Walking Dead and the comic series*

After watching tonight's episode of TWD, my belief that Daryl will be the one to fall prey to Negan's weapon of choice has been solidified.

Obviously I cannot be certain but let me explain why I think this.

So far, the second half of season 6 has been the most comic book accurate to date. And tonight's episode kept that trend right up. Eugene deciding to make bullets. Carole leaving (she's dead in the comics). Denise getting shot with the crossbow (in the comics it was Abraham). And of course, my favorite scene ever, Eugene getting up close and personal with Dwight's privates.

Now these scenes may not have played out exactly how the comic went but the similarities are there. In the comics it was Glen who had his head bashed in by Negan. Which is why I think it will be another major character other than Glen. We all know how much they love to keep us guessing.

If the show is moving closer and closer to where the comic book world was during the "All out War" story arc, then it makes sense that Daryl has to die. If you've read the comics you'd know that Dwight plays a major part in leading the Saviors after they stop Negan. But after what he did to Denise in tonight's episode, there is no way Daryl would let Dwight become a member of their society.

If you take that into account, and the fact that Dwight is the crossbow user in the comics, it looks like Dwight will be the "new" Daryl for the show. And let's not forget that Norman Reedus has started working on a new show for AMC. While that doesn't necessarily mean anything, it does raise some questions.

Now I know this will make a lot of people mad, but I for one am hoping I am right. I have never been a fan of his character and I wouldn't be upset to see him go. "If Daryl dies we riot!"

So be it.


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