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Some very lucky people (I might have used a stronger word, but hey, I'm not bitter) got to see Batman v Superman at the movie's big premiere in NYC on Sunday night. For the rest of us mere mortals, a few more slow, torturous days remain until we can say we've eyeballed Wonder Woman, eye-rolled Lex, and eye-cried tears of joy over the on-screen union of DC's superheroic trinity.

Thankfully Warner Bros. understand our thirst, and have been pumping out teasers, featurettes and snippets of new footage with the daily regularity of a prize cow producing the creamiest milk in all of the U.S. (Editor's note: lose that udderly ridiculous analogy!)

Anyway, if you're one of those who can't quite get to grips with the idea that Bruce Wayne's Caped Crusader, a powerless billionaire in an expensive suit, could truly bring the fight to the Man of Steel, it looks like the movie is ready to address the imbalance head-on...

Like, OMFG, where to start? Well, how about with Wonder Woman? The one universal reaction to the movie among tweets from those who attended the premiere is that the Amazonian warrior absolutely owns this movie whenever on-screen. Gal Gadot has the flirtatious charm dialed up to 11 in this final TV Spot. Yes, she just referred to Batman and Superman as "little boys." Oh, Diana.

Meanwhile, this happened...

When I first saw the Batmobile I was a little worried that it looked like a scaly collapsed lung on wheels, but I've u-turned: this vehicle looks certifiably badass in motion. Side note: Snyder is loving the lens flare, right? You could almost mistake Batman v Superman for an Abrams Star Trek movie, if not for the fact that this film will actually be good.

Another thing that all the trailers so far have been pretty light on: Batman actually doing Batman stuff. We've not seen him scale many buildings, but here he is in action atop a Gotham skyrise, and you'd have to say he looks in the mood for whatever fight party he's about to violently crash.

The one shot among the new footage that really got me psyched though?

Sure, we're stoked for Wonder Woman, but the real meat of this story is two heroes, alike in some respects and wildly opposed in others, facing off for the first time. Compare and contrast this with that ridiculous shot of the Avengers running at each other on airport tarmac in Civil War, and you'd have to say it's Snyder and DC who got the aesthetic spot-on. This looks both gritty, camp, and charged with tension.

Oh, and that final shot in the TV Spot of Superman tossing Batman away like a ragdoll? Fair to say nobody has forgotten the Man of Steel's strength. Even when Bruce's bruises have healed, his ego will probably be on life support for quite some time.

[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) prowls into theaters beginning Friday, March 25 — and we are so ready.


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